Thursday, May 31, 2018

A Week of WIPs

Winter has well and truly arrived here with the temperatures dropping considerably in the past week. Just waiting now for the first frost of the year, brrr. And with it, has come the first round of winter bugs at our house, Hannah having a few days off school late last week and then myself this week with the coughs, sniffs, and a blinding headache. I'm just keeping my fingers crossed we don't get another repeat of last winter when poor Hannah was sick on and off again for about 6 weeks!

Anyways, with the cooler weather there is nothing better than crafting by the fire in the evenings and I've been making lots of progress on all the things I have on the go at the moment.  I'm not usually into rotations, etc with my stitching and other crafts but lately I've found that if I write out a little plan for the week, working on a different project each day, it's a great way to make headway on some of these things.

So starting with Mondays (evenings) - Sock Knitting and this also includes the little knitting group at work on Mondays.

Tuesdays is for With Thy Needle or Blackbird Designs projects:

Wednesdays - dishcloth knitting, I've been knitting quite a few of these for gifts.

Thursdays I've been stitching on Yuletide Welcome by Plum Street Samplers, one of my oldest wips.
As of last week I've only got this bottom section to go.

Fridays I've been catching up on the Farmhouse Christmas series. For some reason or another, there was a considerable delay for Part 2 & 3 being sent out from the US but my auto order has been sorted now and Part 5 should be here any day now. Loving this series!

 Saturdays are for a new start, the Cross Stitch Nation, but I've only managed a few stitches on this so far.

Finally, Sundays are #santasundayxs, and I'm working on this year's Christmas ornaments. I've got several designs kitted and ready to go, and I keep adding to the pile, lol. Hopefully this will mean I'll have them all stitched and finished well before December.

We're looking forward to the long weekend coming up here, its a public holiday next Monday, so Glenn, Hannah and I will be away for a few days, enjoying the hot pools again in Taupo.

See you soon x


Elizabeth said...

Loving all your projects. My #5 Christmas x stitch is on its way to my place. What a neat project it is. Cold up here. We have the heat pump on and Imhave a quilt over my legs

Marilyn said...

Great variety of projects.
Have fun in Taupo!

shirley flavell said...

A great lineup Katrina, love them all. The colour of your sock yarn is lovely. Have a good long weekend.

Andrea said...

All projects look great, plenty of variety. Hope you all are feeling better now. Have a good weekend.

Mary - Lecoeurceltique said...

A great variety of beautiful projects.

Tammy said...

Lots of gorgeous WIP's! I have that Cross Stitch Nation one too-I adore that one. And you can't go wrong with those little mice. That is such an adorable pattern and you did a great job. I love how it looks in that little hoop while you are working on it!

Meg said...

I think Drippity Droppity is a great name for a pair of socks! I love the colours in the yarn you are using to knit them. I have not done much knitting lately, my first shawl is not much longer than a few months ago, but I guess it will be there whenever I can come back to it! Meg:)

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