Thursday, March 29, 2018

Before the Long Weekend

The long Easter weekend is almost here and this year we don't have any visitors coming to stay or set plans, maybe a dinner catch up with our family one evening. We do have some more home renovations to work on including Glenn starting on our laundry redo - pics to come! 

As always, I've got lots of crafting planned and I had thought about starting some new projects but instead I'll work on a few works in progress from my stitching basket.

This week I've so enjoyed making these easy knitted cotton dishcloths  - they knit up very quickly. The pattern is Gramma's Dishcloth.

More knitted hand warmers for a dear friend - Hi Wendy :)

Last weekend the biannual Wine Country Quilts Exhibition was held locally so my friend Rose and I popped along for a lookie. I didn't get any photos of the amazing quilts myself but you can see some of them here.

I did purchase some pretty fabric though, and easily could have spent lots of money on fabric but was very restrained, lol.

Most of these will be for project bags, don't you just love the bunnies and unicorns??

This week I had a work trip for the day to Palmerston North. It was a very warm day and we got to enjoy the Manawatu scenery on the drive there and back.

A visit to the library during my lunch break yesterday and the following books were waiting for me:

Which one to start first?

Happy Easter! See you soon xx


Elizabeth said...

Wow, you were restrained with your fabric shopping. Yes, it just might be nearly time to be knitting more hand warmers.

We have nothing planned for the Easter weekend, apart from meeting up with friends at a local cafe for our usual saturday coffee and chat. I think John will be working on the wood lathe and of course I will be crafting. Tomorrow I will try my hand at making some hot cross buns.

Happy Easter to you, Glen and Miss Hannah

Linda K's Stitching Corner said...

I just love your Knitted Dish Cloths...they are so very pretty.

Your Library Book Haul - those books looks really good. I love going to the Library and getting my Books from the Library and seeing what new books they have in. I went to the Library on Monday and Checked out three Library Books myself. I have three on Hold right now from a Library that I Patronize.

I am not sure what I will be doing Easter Weekend. I just as soon stay home and have a very nice quiet peaceful weekend with my Lil 8 Month Old Buttercup who is a Male Kitty. We are suppose to have Snow Easter Weekend...Not sure how much.

Enjoy your Crafty Projects - Enjoy Reading those three Books from the Library. Have a very wonderful Easter Weekend.

Happy Knitting
Happy Easter
Happy Reading

Linda K, Buttercup

Marilyn said...

Great knitting.
And the fabrics are all so pretty.
I'm partial to the Unicorn fabric. :)

Andrea said...

Great projects. Love the bunny fabrics.

Happy Easter.

Maggee said...

It's not easy to resist spending at a craft show, so you are to be applauded! You got some lovely ones there! I just saw your hand warmers and thought how I can use them when birding, to hold my bins or camera and still be able to adjust the settings or snap a picture! Can't do that with fingered gloves, so winter is a bit tougher (as is expected but still...). Your trip pictures show some really beautiful countryside. Wow! It's like a painting! Thanks for sharing! Hugs!

Merilde said...

Your stitching and your knitting are so lovely. You inspire me! Fabrics are beautiful - you were very restrained. I always have a hard time when I see so many in one place! Happy Easter and enjoy your weekend. Lori

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