Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Cottage Flair visit & old wips

As I mentioned yesterday, I visited Cottage Flair in Rotorua last week. This was the first time I'd been to shop where it is based now, in Fenton Street, the previous times the shop was in Ngongotaha. 

It's always been a favourite of mine, years ago this shop was pretty much the only one in NZ that sold any Shepherd's Bush stitching charts & kits :)

Now this lovely shop is filled with gorgeous fabrics and lots of knitting yarn and supplies. I can never resist Christmas fabrics and stitchery patterns!

I'm still working away on some secret Christmas stitching projects but nearing the end of these, I thought it was time to bring out some of my projects that need to be finished.

I last knitted on these socks back in May!

Yuletide Welcome has been an ongoing wip for several years now, every now and then it comes out for a few stitches to go into.

I last stitched on this back in January!  There's not actually that much more to stitch, just the bottom left hand corner and finish the banner part. I have several other little projects that need some attention too and of course, lots of new charts waiting in my stitching basket.

See you soon xx


Marilyn said...

Great projects.
Very cute fabrics, and those stamp pockets look so cute.
Yuletide is so pretty.

Justine said...

Sounds like a great shop! I hope you will finish Yuletide Welcome, the colours are so pretty.

Maggee said...

I have never seen the stamp pockets... Very cute! I look forward to seeing your finished ones! And, don't we ALL have projects languishing from lack of enthusiasm? But in your case, I have confidence they will get done!! Hugs!

shirley flavell said...

Love your stitching, the pockets look great. Your prairie socks are going to be fabulous, love the yarn.

Anonymous said...

Love that project with the house... I will send you some time, desire and courage to finish it ;-) Have a great day, Sigrid

Mary said...

I don't have a shop near me and it's just as well, I would buy far too much. I LOVE your
Christmas tree fabrics! Yuletime Welcome's colors are gorgeous and so glad you will have it done for the Holidays. Such pretty wool for the socks, I wear wools socks to bed in the winter, nothing keeps your feet nice and cozy like a pair of good wool socks.

Andrea said...

Beautiful stitchery pattern, along with some lovely fabrics. I think you should get Yuletide Welcome stitched up as it's a gorgeous design and if you don't have much to do on it ... well ... shame not to really. :) Have a good weekend.

Meg said...

They are lovely Christmas fabrics! I have been stitching some simple little felt doves and hope to finish those off this weekend. They are for my son's teachers' gifts. Your sock yarn reminded me that I have a similar ball of yarn, sitting and waiting to be wound back up after gave up on knitting a complicated scarf! (I kept dropping stitches) I need to make something with it as I love the colours. Thanks for the reminder! Meg:)

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