Thursday, April 27, 2017

All the Projects Update

As always, I have have several projects on the go. You may have seen these photos if you follow me on Instagram.

I'm so enjoying this gorgeous design, the first in the latest Blackbird Designs series. Now I've seen a pic of the second design I can't wait to get that one on the mail!

My sock knitting is progressing well:

But it's been put to the side for now as I have been focusing on the Moorland Blanket, these waves are so addictive!

This is Part 1 all done, and I have even sewn in all the ends.

Until next time xx


Sigrid Swinnen said...

I love the bird you've stitched, those colours are so smooth.
And the blanket will become gorgeous.
So good of you that you've already woven in the ends!
PS: I know the kind of addiction, I'm making a blanket too and it seems I'm crocheting so fast that I work up almost a skein a day :-)
Take care, Sigrid

Kay said...

I love Blackbird Designs, their colours are so beautiful. This is looking lovely, i will be looking out for this near me too. x

Marilyn said...

All great projects.

Vickie said...

The BBD piece is gorgeous. So is the blanket!

Julie.C said...

I do like Blackbird Designs but I have not stitched one yet this one is nice I love the colours. Your moorland blanket is lovely and the colours.
Have a nice day.

shirley flavell said...

Going well Katrina. Love the BBD crosstitch. I have just ordered this series and look forward to receiving them as they are published. Love the fabric you have chosen to do it on. Are you doing them all separately or in one design? Your blanket is going to be beautiful. Love the socks.I'm in the middle of a pair at the moment, not sure that I like the wool though, can't waste it so will keep going but it doesn't make me feel happy. It's a Malabrago yarn.

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