Friday, March 10, 2017

Bits & Pieces

Today's post is bit of a round up from the past few weeks:

The next kit in the Friends Stitching Circle Club from the Silver Needle arrived recently - isn't it just lovely and the little tray is so sweet, will be definitely starting this soon!

We had another weekend stay at our favourite beach spot late February.

Another awesome weekend with our family and friends!

I enjoyed spending the afternoon in my kitchen one wet Saturday stocking up for lunch box treats:
Blueberry and choc chop muffins, Double Chocolate Brownie, Caramel Banana Loaf, and Chocolate Mint Slice all go down well in our house.

Lots of swimming has been on the agenda for Hannah as she has moved up this year into the swimming squad group.

My dear friend Clare recently celebrated a special birthday so Kath, Clare, Clare's daughter and I went out the lunch at one of the local cafes, I so enjoy our catch ups.

Can you believe another special young lady in my life recently turned 16! Yes, that's right, my niece Zoe turned 16 years old on Tuesday.

Zoe got an extra special and super, super cute birthday present - meet Abby, a mini Schnauzer puppy.

Oh my, she is so adorable and just so lovely.

It's been quite a few years since Zoe had a pet dog, so she is just over the moon with the new addition to their household. Lots of fun adventures ahead I'm sure.

See you soon xx


Maggie said...

Lots of fun things going on, those treats look yummy and OMGoodness, what a cute dog!
What did she name him?

Vickie said...

Yum, yum,yum! Ahhhhhhh! The cuteness is too much! I love that schnauzer! Yes, what is her name?

Unknown said...

Some lovely baked treats there - they'd go down well in our house, too.
And a cute puppy for a sweet 16 present, wonderful! x

Bethan said...

What beautiful photos from your weekend away! And some really yummy treats. I agree that the Schnauzer is so cute! x

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