Monday, June 29, 2015

Shepherd's Bush Fold Series - The Needleroll

Last week I started and finished Part 5 of the Fold series by Shepherd's Bush, a little needle roll. Long time readers of my blog will remember that I used to stitch needle rolls all the time, I have two baskets full of them, mostly Shepherds Bush and the Sweetheart Tree, and I also have quite a collection of ones given to me by friends.  

So I was quite happy to see a needle roll included in this series, I wonder the final part will be? 

I haven't bought any new patterns in awhile so decided to splash out on a few newer released patterns from some of my favourite designers. These only took a week to arrive from the US!

Something else to look forward to, Kath, Clare and I have decided to join "A Little Help from my Stitching Friends Circle", a new club offered by the Silver Needle.

Beginning in August there will be a collection of five designs - Blackbird Designs, Lizzie Kate, Jeanette Douglas, Chessie and Me, and Shepherd's Bush too. You can find out more about here.
Sound like fun, I think so!

See you soon x

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Elizabeth said...

You have plenty to keep you out of mischief. Happy stitching

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