Friday, July 18, 2014

Bits & Pieces

It's almost the end of the school holidays for Hannah and today we're having a day at home together, she's happily playing with her Lego and then has a friend coming for a sleep over, and I've been catching up on some things and hope to do some sewing later. 

So this post is really a catch up one today to share some miscellaneous happenings around here.

It has turned bitterly cold here and I'm certain it was trying to snow at one stage yesterday! Recently a friend gave me a couple of balls of this lovely alpaca/merino mix, so I decided to make a slouchy beanie to wear going to and from work.  It's knitting up so lovely and soft.  Once this is done I'll cast on the pattern for the male beanie, to be a gift for my father in law's birthday later in the month. This is the pattern I'm using, which I received a few weeks ago (you can sign up here to receive the Naturally newsletter and also receive weekly free patterns).

One of my dear friends celebrated her birthday this week and we'll be catching up this Saturday evening so I decided to make a little crochet wash cloth for her. The Eco Store soap is a favourite of mine and I couldn't resist buying some of this new body wash for myself and my friend the other day while grocery shopping, I'm the perfect consumer when it comes to spotting new body gels, etc on the shelves at the supermarket, ha ha. Pattern can be found here.

Glenn and I have decided to have a bit of a change around with some of our furniture in the house, and also down size our bedroom furniture - he'd made this way back when he was a young apprentice boy at the joinery factory :)  Our walk in wardrobe has plenty of space so last weekend we put up some new shelving, and also had a massive sort through of all our clothes, shoes, my jewellery and hand bags, etc - we were very ruthless!

So neat and tidy!

During winter is when some of the flowers I adore come out, and this week I've had a bundle of winter sweet sitting on my office desk, just lovely.

My all time favourite, the Daphne, is also flowering prolifically in the garden at the moment.

Now for some Hannah news - look at her go!  The other night she asked Glenn to take the training wheels off her bike, which he did, and she was away first pop, no troubles at all.

She's growing up so fast!

Enjoy the weekend x


Maggee said...

Hannah IS growing so fast, just like my youngest granddaughter. She got a 'big girl' bike this spring. She is four, going on 20! That is quite a tidy wardrobe! Great work! Cute slouchy beanie, and the crocheted washcloth is awfully cute!! Thanks for sharing! Hugs!

Angela P said...

Love the slouchy beanie with that wool. The washcloth looks great too :)

Andrea said...

Love the beanie hat, it looks so toastie warm. A lovely gift for your friend too. Yeah for Hannah! No stopping her now, she'll be doing wheelies in no time!

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