Monday, March 17, 2014

Enjoying Lately

Just a few things I've been enjoying lately:

So pleased to have a new quilt shop open up nearby - and there's lots of beautiful Moda fabrics in stock.

These gorgeous flowers at my beauty therapist's studio - in readiness for St Patrick's day

I gave into temptation and decided to join the 2014 Cottage Garden Threads monthly club via the Stitching Post in Australia, so far two little parcels have arrived and the threads are wonderful!


Hannah has now finished Friday after school cricket and now it's Tuesday after school hockey. She loves it, although I don't have a clue about the rules, etc, since I played netball throughout primary school and college.

There's a bit of knitting happening in the evenings lately, making up a pair of hand warmers for a friend using my favourite pattern.

For the past month I have been going out walking with a friend three or four mornings a week, not such a good photo but it was taken at 5.30 am! What a great way to start the day.

I've not had many stitching photos to show lately but I do have some little finishes to share over the next few days. It was a rainy Saturday afternoon so amongst the chaos that is our house at the moment I got my sewing machine out and spent a couple of happy hours sewing away.  I'll have a kitchen update soon too!


Catherine said...

Finally catching up with your last few posts ~ love all of your stitches and finishes! Your weekend away at the beach sounds wonderful! What a gorgeous farm and view ~ sounds heavenly!

Elizabeth said...

Good to hear of a new quilt shop opening. Aren't Moda fabrics yummy. Good for you joining the Cottage Garden thread club, I think that thread is gorgeous, such a lovely range if colours.

Von said...

Love those Cottage Garden threads! Have fun with all your great projects. :)

Jenny said...

That quilt shop looks lovely, was just browsing their FB page and saw a quilt pattern that I want to try! How nice that you've been out walking in the mornings - I can't wait until the weather warms up enough here so I can do the same! Looking forward to seeing your kitchen update :o)

Ellen said...

Lovely fabrics and threads.

I so enjoyed my recent visit to Hawkes Bay. How lucky you are to live in such a beautiful part of the world!

Vickie said...

What lovely treats for you! :)
Hannah is doing so well. Good for her.

Bianca said...

What yummy fabrics...threads too! Good for you for getting out and walking. The weather has been really nice where I live lately, so I've been pushing myself to do the same. I have to admit, it does feel good. I'm already trying to think of ways to keep it going when the weather is no longer so perfect.

shirley flavell said...

Love your choice of fabrics, they are really lovely.Guess there will be "treat trips" with friends for "must haves" in the future.A lovely quilt shop near us closed at Xmas. Such a shame but the business didn't sell and the proprieter wanted to retire.How lovely to see your daughter playing hockey. My granddaughter who is 9 has played for the last 2 seasons and loves the game.The Cottage Garden Threads look really yummy. I have a few, they are really beautiful. Shirley

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