Thursday, June 21, 2012

This and That

Hi everyone

Hannah and I have both been out of sorts for the past week or so with the winter cold that seems to be doing the rounds - sore throat, runny nose and a general feeling of yuckiness.  But we're both on the mend now.  

Recently we took advantage of the nice day we were having and headed into town for a girls' lunch and some shopping.  On our way home Hannah couldn't resist having a play in this big pile of leaves, lol.

We have had our raised vegetable garden in for a few years now and this year for the first time I decided to have a go at growing carrots. Yesterday afternoon Hannah and I discovered that some of our little crop were ready and we had some with our dinner last night.  They were the sweetest, tastiest carrots I've eaten in a long time!  Lucky for us, DH is currently in the middle of building us another raised vege garden ( you can see our other ones on this post) and I'm tempted to plant the whole thing with carrots, especially if they are going to taste that good!

Talking of DH, here's another of his little projects he finished recently - a new desk for Hannah, which will eventually go into her new bedroom.

We're in the process of redecorating our spare room to turn into Hannah's bedroom. We've stripped off the old wallpaper, and the ceiling has been replastered so now it needs a coat of paint. Then my Dad, who is painter/wallpaperer by trade, will finish off the decorating for us.  Watch this space for an update!

As for my stitching, I've been getting in a good few hours most evenings - now that winter is truly here there's nothing better than stitching in front of the fire :)  I've had a couple of small finishes lately including another Little House Needleworks ornament:

The Merry Skater by Little House Needleworks
stitched on 32ct olive green belfast with recommended threads

This photo looks a bit washed out - its been a bit tricky to get decent photos of my stitching lately due to the winter light.

Another new project I've just started this week is a Wool Eater crochet blanket, to try and use up some my wool odds and ends.  I've picked out a pink-blue-purple colour theme. I'll be back with a progress pic soon.

Until next time, take care xx


Melissa said...

I hope you and Hannah start feeling better soon. She's getting so big!!!

Lesleyanne said...

I hope you and Hannah are feeling better. Love the photos of Hannah. A gorgeous finish.

Thoeria said...

Hope you and Hannah are both feeling better!
Love the little LHN ornie :)

Vickie said...

Nice little finish you have there. Hannah is so pretty. :)

Lana said...

Wow! You do good at growing things...Kids and carrots!! LOL, Hannah is adorable! Love your finished ornie!!Wow! That is one huge desk for a small girl! =) I bet she loves it! Can't wait to see her new room!

Lynn said...

I loved seeing the photos of Hannah! She must be excited about her new room.
I hope you are both feeling much better soon. Colds are so miserable!
Your skater finish is adorable!

Valentina said...

Nice ornament!

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