Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Our Christmas 2010

Christmas Day dawned here sunny and bright and we were quite relieved that the high winds we'd had on Christmas Eve had disappeared overnight. You could tell we were going to have a stunning day :)

We started the morning checking out what Santa had left for Hannah and other pressies were unwrapped. We were all totally spoilt and I just loved all my gifts. Hannah was so excited to find that Daddy had made her a beautiful Rimu dolls cot :) Then it was off to my parents' house for Christmas brunch with my brother and niece and some more pressie unwrapping. We also stopped by Glenn's parents for a quick catch up before heading home to get ready to go to our big family get together in the afternoon at one of my auntie's. There were about 25 of us altogther and we had the traditional Kiwi Christmas lunch - ham, roast lamb, chicken, peas, pototoes freshly dug from my Dad's garden, pasta salad, rice salad and lettuce salad. Dessert,which we had about 5pm, was pavlova, Chocolate explosion (a chocolate pavlova version that is my absolute favourite), fresh fruit, lots of Christmas goodies including rocky road, marshmellow, and cheesecake - yum!

My cousin Donna had organised some fun games for the children to play so it was an absolute joy watching them all enjoy themselves so much with a treasure hunt and trying to smash open a pinata filled with lollies. Christmas evening was spent back at home just chilling out and watching Hannah enjoy her new toys and other gifts.

For the past few days we've had family staying with us but they've gone home now and today Glenn and I have spent tidying up the house, and doing a bit of gardening. It still doesn't really feel like I'm holiday. I guess because its still public holidays here for everyone but come tomorrow I've already had one week off! scary. I hope the rest of the break doesn't go as fast!


Lana said...

Looks like Hannah had a great Christmas!!! Enjoy the rest of your holiday break!!

Deb said...

That look on hannah's face is priceless. Sounds like it was a fabulous day. Good food, good catch ups and good times.

Susan said...

Hannah looks so happy! The crib that your DH built is gorgeous, and will surely become an heirloom!

Happy New Year!

Tatkis said...

Such a wonderful Christmas celebration!
Wish you Happy New Year :)

Best wishes,

Lynn said...

I love seeing the joy on Hannah's face! It certainly looks like Santa was good to her. The little crib your DH built is just priceless.

Rowyn said...

Sounds like you had a super Christmas.

Gorgeous photo of Hannah. She is obviously now at the age where she understands Christmas and loves every minute of it judging by the smile on her face!

Enjoy the rest of your holidays.

Pointed Stitcher said...

Your little girl is adorable.

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