Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Home Day

Hannah and I had a "homeday" together on Monday as I had taken the day off work. Hannah's caregiver (my aunty) had taken a couple days off to spend time with her DH who has just returned from working overseas for the past two months in Iceland.

After doing our usual things around the house, having a cuppa with a friend who stopped by, doing some baking to pop into the freezer for lunches over the next few weeks, a bit of gardening, and the usual playing Hannah and I popped into town for a browse around the shops. It was a nice day to be out and about. I picked up this issue of Australian Homespun, the Kids Issue:

It is jammed packed with several great projects and these ones jumped out at me:

An apron that would be perfect to make for Zoe

Love, love this mermaid bag

This sweet doll is part of a Princess and the Pea set, just so cute!

Of course, a visit to town isn't complete without a stop by my local fabric store. As well as picking up some necessities for a few holiday projects I'm going to be working on next week, I spotted these two girly fabrics so couldn't leave the shop without a metre of each!

Thanks for your visit!



Deb said...

Oh i looked at that mag too, Katrina. It had some lovely stuff in it, but I refrained!! What very cool fabrics. Perfect for a little girl!

Beth said...

Sounds like a perfect "Home day"!! Cute ideas in the magazine.

Jeanne said...

cute fabric finds and love that cupcake apron project.

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