Monday, November 08, 2010

From our Weekend

Monday has rolled around again pretty quickly but this week I have a week's annual leave! I'm lucky to have four days to myself as Glenn will be at work and Hannah will be dropped off at daycare each day. At the end of the week we're heading away for a few days to Napier, one of our favourite holiday spots. We're staying right on the beach front and very close to all the local tourist attractions. Hannah is so excited, she's been talking about this for weeks :)

So you'll never guess what I've got planned to do over my four days? Lots and lots of stitching and sewing of course!!!! I also have my good friends Clare and Rose visiting on Tuesday for a day of stitching, chatting, catching up so I'm looking forward to it, will be fun!

This is the first of the items that I've been able to finish today. I got my little sewing machine out this morning and after a little bit of TLC, away I went.

Free-Bee One Two by La-D-Da
stitched on coffee dyed linen with Mer Bleu Belle Soie
pillow fabric is by Thimbleberries

I do have some other things planned to do over my break and one of them was helping Glenn yesterday to put in some new plants around the pool. Look how blue the water is again, lol.

Over the weekend, Glenn also made a great start on Miss H's sandpit - this will be turned into another handy vegetable garden when she's older and passed playing in the sandpit.

speaking of Miss H, just wanted to share this hardcase photo. On a lovely warm day recently, Hannah decided she was cold, and proceeded to layer herself with jackets - I think she got five on in the end! Too funny!

As always, thanks for your visit and I hope to be back tomorrow with some more of my holiday sewing :)


Karen said...

Cute it in the blue! Miss H. is just too cute. Enjoy with all of your stitching and sewing.

Melissa said...

She is just so adorable. I know you cherish her. They grow up so fast. Your finish is wonderful! Enjoy your vacation.

Deb said...

I chuckle every time I see Hannah. She really is adorable. It's such a cute age. Will keep my fingers she is nothing like my Hannah at 13!!!

Rowyn said...

Hannah seems like quite a little character! :-)

Enjoy your week off and your trip to lovely Napier.

Hope you get lots of stitching in. Your pillow finish is really pretty.

Your pool looks great. I am sure with the great weather you get up there in the Hawkes Bay you'll use it a lot.

Lesleyanne said...

Your finish is gorgeous. Love the picture of your daughter. Hope you have a lovely week off and get lots of stitching and sewing done.

Lynn said...

I love your finish! The fabric you chose is perfect.
Seeing Hannah's sandpit reminded me of mine as a child. When I'd outgrown it my father turned it into a rose garden which is still blooming today.
Love the pic of Hannah. To cute!
Enjoy your stitchy week.

Claire said...

Have a nice holiday.Miss H is so cute!

Carol said...

What a darling finish, Katrina! And how cute is little Hannah--so sweet :)

Melissa said...

Oh, doesn't your little Miss H look cute! Almost like a little Red Riding Hood!

Have fun with your stitching, and your holiday at the beach!

Susan said...

Hannah looks so cute!

Your pool looks so inviting.

Congratulations on another ornament - it's lovely!

Andrea said...

Love the pillow, colours are wonderful. LOL @ Miss Hannah.

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