Sunday, November 21, 2010

From Our Weekend

We've enjoyed a few days around home this weekend so there's been a few more jobs crossed off DH's "list":

some stones around the new plants

sand now in the sand pit, with another load coming next weekend

which Miss H is just loving

everything is just zooming away in the vegetable garden - and we had good rainfall overnight to help speed things along

How's your weekend been?



Jackie said...

Your vegetable garden is looks wonderful! I'm trying to convince my husband to put in one bed for the spring. Fresh lettuce = YUM!

Linda H said...

Greetings from eastern Canada! Hi Katrina, I found your lovely Blog tonight while "Blog surfing"! Your stitching is lovely- I have looked back a few months, and will be back to visit again, for sure!! I love the Christmas Rules, must look for that one at my LNS. Hope you'll visit my Blog too - I have a Giveaway going on right now... I envy your warming weather as we are heading into winter, had our first snowfall today.

Melissa said...

Gosh, it's lovely to see your garden and sunshine! (We've just had our first snowfall!)

Deb said...

It's been a great weekend for gardening hasn't it. I have been in my vegie garden all day today. I thought we were supposed to have rain all day today so was glad I was able to pull a few weeds. They are growing so quickly now the warmer weather is here.

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