Monday, September 27, 2010

Where did the weekend go?

As usual the weekend passed by in a blink - especially as we enjoyed some nice weather for a change, perfect for enjoying a day out on Saturday with my parents and niece Zoe. Then yesterday Hannah got to spend a few hours with Nanma and Poppa, Glenn's mum and dad, at a local country fair. Asides from the wind, they had a great time and Hannah came home with some treats bought for her by Pop :)

Some of my favourite flowers are beginning to pop up in the garden - this little vase of freesias is sitting on my desk, the scent is just beautiful.

This weekend's baking efforts consisted of Cinnamon Apple and Coconut muffins:

The recipe can be found here.
We thought these were pretty delicious :)

And some Cafe Metro chocolate chippie biscuits, this recipe is from the latest Foodtown magazine

Now for a few new stash aquisitions - the latest pair of Gingher scissors, Sonia, from Carol's DH:
I couldn't resist this polka dot fabric from Spotlight when we were out and about on Saturday, and even better that it was on sale too.

I also got these balls of pretty coloured wool in anticipation of an up and coming project - I've been learning how to crochet!

A couple of the ladies I work with have started me off with some beginner crochet lessons - its one craft I've never learnt and thought it was about time I did. I've been very inspired of late by all the gorgeous blankets and other projects going on out there in blog land. If anyone has any tips for this newbie, they'd be greatly appreciated!
Thanks for your visit today :)


natalyK said...

Beautiful flowers, delicious bake goods and delightful stash. What a perfect weekend!!

Tracy said...

OMG, those chocolate chip biscuits look good!

Melissa said...

I love freesias. I wonder though if I would love the smell as much as I would the smell of those chocolate chip cookies! yum!

Seems like Spring is definitely arriving in your part of the world. I can see it reflected in the colours you've chosen!

Deb said...

Oh that fabric is what I made Sarah's rag quilt out of!! Really cool bright colours! That is what I am making the bolster cushion out of as well.

Lesleyanne said...

Lovely new stash. Beautiful flowers. Lovely baking yummm.

Lynn said...

I'm afraid I've never learned how to crochet so I can't help you there. Pretty wool though. I can't wait to see what you'll be doing with that.
Thanks for the baking links. It all looks yummy!
I also got a pair of Sonia from Carol and I love them.

Karoline said...

Love the wool, learning to Crochet is on my todo list when I have the time for hobbies again.

The flowers and the cakes look gorgeous

Ann in Scotland. said...

Lovely flowers, the colours really jump out at you.

Little Kiwi Chick said...

Good on you for learning how to crochet! It is so much fun, you will love it! I've been really busy crocheting lately, too :o)

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