Friday, September 24, 2010

Hexagon Quilt Update

This post is for Kavita, who asked me recently how I was progressing with Hannah's hexagon quilt. For my regular readers, you may remember I started this way back in July 2009 and it sure has been a work--in--progress :) :)

I don't think I've shared any pics ALL YEAR of how its going but I'm now pleased to report that I now only have a few rows to go. It all came to stand still when I couldn't track down any of the backing fabric I'd been using, even my local quilting store couldn't source it. But I finally found some thru the lovely ladies at Cleverhands in Taupo.

Maybe I might just have it finished before summer gets here!


Melissa said...

That is simply precious! Absolutely gorgeous. Great job!!!

kavita said...

Thanks Katrina for the update! Sorry could not post earlier as I was offline for the past few days.. I wish you good luck to get the quilt completed soon! It is a treat to watch the pics of this beautiful and vibrant colored quilt! Thankyou again for the post!

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