Sunday, March 08, 2009

Weekend Catch Up

It was Zoe's 8th birthday yesterday so I made her a small banana cake with chocolate icing. She thought it was neat - then proceeded to eat all the lollies off it!!

The last few days Hannah and I have both had colds and sore throats that seem to be doing the rounds at the moment. Instead of getting my stitching out, I've been knitting, something I find much easier to pick up and down and not have to concentrate too much on while my head has been a bit fuzzy. I've had my first knitting finish for 2009, a hooded jacket for Hannah.

I started this at the end of last winter I think. Just need to sew a couple of buttons on.

Kath and I visited one of our favourite stitching places recently, Heirlooms (no website). Sherelyn had quite a few of the Nashville patterns but I was very good and only came away with these two patterns:

Holiday Holly Biscornu by the Sweetheart Tree and A Very Merry Winter by JBW Designs. I don't usually go for snowman patterns but this will be for a friend :)
Last night I finished up the first of my March ornaments for the 2009 Christmas Ornament Challenge.

Freebie from here
stitched on 32ct cream belfast with DMC 115

I really enjoyed stitching this, quick and easy, so might have a hunt through my freebie Christmas ornaments folder later to find some more similiar ones.

righto, I'm off to enjoy the sunshine and get out in the vege garden - there's 5 plunnets of vege seedlings waiting to be planted :)


Karoline said...

The cake looks scrummy :)

Congratulations on finishing the ornie and the jacket, they both look lovely

Siobhan said...

That cake looks too good! Yumm.

Congrats on the finishes, the jacket and the ornament--both are wonderful!

Kim B said...

That cake looks yummy! And what a pretty little jacket!

I love the ornie and your new stash.

CindyMae said...

That cake looks very yummy!! Love the stitching finish as well as the knitting finish! They are both lovely! I do hope that you are both feeling better soon!

Brigitte said...

Great knitting and stitching finishes!

Susan said...

Nice cake!

I love the jacket you knitted for Hannah - it's very pretty!

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