Monday, October 16, 2006

Wedding Ring Pillow

Over the weekend I caught up with my friend Tracey, who gets married on Monday next week. I invited Tracey, my Mum and MIL Heather around for a drink and a catch up since we missed Tracey's hen's party while we were in Melbourne. I gave Tracey the ring pillow I'd made for her and Willie and she was thrilled with it.

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I couldn't get a close up photo of the ring pillow to upload but you can see it here.

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Heather and Mum

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Tracey and I

I got to see Tracey's beautiful wedding dress yesterday as I went with her and her mum for her final fitting. She has chosen a gorgeous style and I know she will be a very radiant bride next Monday.

One of my recent exchanges has arrived - it didn't have to travel very far, only about three hours down the road to my dear friend Kath! We thought it was so funny that I received her name for the SBEBB Smalls exchange. I chose to stitch a design for Kath that I'd been wanting to stitch for awhile now, Drawn Thread's Sampler Necessaire. After seeing how Anita had finished this project in her stitching album, I decided to finish the main piece into a needleroll too.

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and the whole exchange

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I also tucked Kath's October ornament into the parcel, Christmas Ewe by Elizabeth's Designs

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I almost finished the stitching on my needleroll last night, only one band to stitch now, I'd forgotten how detailed the Shepherd Bush charts can be :)

Bye for now!


Karen said...

All of your things are very pretty. How fun it would be to stitch for someone so close to you. :)

Sharon said...

very pretty exhange and ornament. how funny and nice your exchange partner was so close.

Stitch or no stitch said...

How fun that you had your own private hen party for Tracey.
Your exhange pieces are so pretty and how special that they are for someone so close by.

Von said...

Sounds like your weekend gathering was lots of fun!
Your exchange pieces are so delightful! Kath is thrilled I'm sure. :D

Isabelle said...

The ring pillow is stunning!! And the exchangs you sent to your friend Kath are really lovely too :) But wow, that white-on-white ring pillow is simply exquisite!!

bunnyhead said...

The ring pillow and exchange pieces are beautiful. It looks like you had a great time with the girls!

Wendy said...

That is a gorgeous ring pillow ~ I'm sure Tracey was absolutely thrilled with it!

Anonymous said...

The ring pillow is beautiful! How lucky Tracey is.

Goldie said...

Very nice exchange gifts! Your stitching is always beautiful!

lena-lou said...

Your ring pillow is stunning and very beautiful :-) I love, love, love the DT design you have used for your exchange as well!!

AnneS said...

Love the ring pillow :D And your Smalls exchange is gorgeous - as always. Your blog is always such a treat to visit :D

Michelle said...

Great finishes! Your ring pillow is beautiful and she will make a lovely bride! Congrats on the great exchanges too!

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