Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Needleroll, Canvas Art and Glenn's WIP

Thank you to everyone who's been stopping by and commenting lately, its great to see you here, especially to all the new friends.

Here is my needleroll from the recent SAL, Tulip Time by the Sweetheart Tree, stitched on 32ct white lugana. A pretty quick stitch, except for all the backstitching :)

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I hope to make this up some time later in the week. Its supposed to have tiny mother of pearl hearts in between the tulips but I've decided to leave them off.

Last month my friend Wendy participated in a class run at our local scrapbooking shop and when she showed me her finished piece I thought oh wow, I could do that. So off I went last Thursday and purchased (gulp!!) all the necessary bits and pieces to make up some canvas art. After a "tutorial" from Wendy I set about on Friday afternoon having a go and here are the results

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pretty cool huh? all there is to it is painting the canvas, and then using modge podge glue to stick on a fancy serviette. These are going to be Christmas gifts for two of my aunties and a friend. I just need to attach some sort of hanger on the back. I think I'll be doing a few more of these :)

now for Glenn's work in progress, our 2nd bathroom. He's been making lots of progress (and lots of dust!!) in there over the past few weekends and I think he's doing a wonderful job. This is the view in from the door -

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and to the side,

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This coming weekend he's been let off "bathroom duty" to fly up to Auckland for a few days to watch the NZ All Black rubgy team play Australia. Glenn's had this booked since January so is really looking forward to going. I'm going to have a house full of visitors as my cousin Donna and her parents are coming to stay for the weekend. We've got a family get together planned for Saturday afternoon to celebrate my mum's and one of my aunts birthdays, and then we all going out to dinner somewhere Saturday night - should be fun to catch up with everyone.

Its going to be a long day today - I've got my monthly board meeting after work this evening meaning a late night home from work, and its freezing out there today, the snow on the ranges to the west of us is down really low meaning there's a real bite to the air. And here I was saying just the other day it felt like spring was almost here, hee hee. I'd much rather be home stitching in front of the fire :)


Gail said...

Katrina your needleroll looks great. I have 13 of the Sweethear Tree needroll patterns and looking at your finished needlerolls are inspring me to get mine out to stitch. Love the canvas as well. I would never have thought that a fancy serviette could look so good.
Bathroom is looking great also.

zoeandcooper said...

That is such a pretty needleroll. I am going to have to try one soon. The canvas is so pretty. I love those flowers:)

Good luck to Glenn with the bathroom. He is off to a good start!

Anonymous said...

Your needleroll is gorgeous, I might give one a try after seeing yours :o)

Your aunties and friend are going to be delighted with their gifts and well done to Glenn, your bathroom's looking good.

Kath said...

The needleroll is looking lovely Trina. As is the bathroom. Glenn has come along way on it. Hope he enjoys the rugby too.

And your 'new' aret, just so pretty! You are clever.

Do enjoy the weekend with the family, and a big Happy Birthday to 'Mum' too, hope you all have a lovely time.

~Harsha~ said...

what a sweet looking needleroll!

KarenV said...

Congratulations on getting your needleroll done, it's really pretty.

The canvases look great too, I'm sure the giftees will be thrilled!

Michelle said...

Your needleroll looks fantastic - can't wait to see it finished up. I've never stitched a needleroll. Love the canvases - what a fun (and easy sounding) idea! The bathroom is well on its way - looking great!

Karoline said...

Your needleroll is gorgeous Katrina, the canvas is lovely as well

Cathy said...

Your needleroll is coming along nicely. Do remember to show us an updated picture of the bathroom when it is finished!

Stitch or no stitch said...

Love your needleroll. Inspires me to try very hard to make mine as nice. Posted a picture of the one I'm making on my blog today.

Your canvases are soooo pretty. You're going to be making a few people very happy with them.

Good luck to your DH with the bathroom, it's looking good.


Juanita - aka flosslady said...

You're needleroll turned out great! I *finally* stitched the last dove's eyes and attached the beads on mine last night. Not quite in time for last weekend's SAL, but close. I posted a piccie of the finished (but unassembled) NR on my blog. I must remember to check out everyone else's finishes today.

Those boxes turned out great! They will surely make wonderful gifts.

tkdchick said...

Ahh your needleroll is just beautiful!

I like those canvases you did! There is no bounds to your talent!

The 2nd bathroom is coming along nicely!!!

Von said...

Hi Katrina!
It's great to be back among the bloggers again. :D
You've done so many gorgeous things while I've been gone, and I love the canvas projects too! Kudos to Glenn on the fabulous bathroom redo!

AnneS said...

I thought I'd already answered this, but obviously not ... just wanted to say I adore your canvas art - it looks stunning, and I'm sure the recipients will love them! :D Your house exchange from Nicki is beautiful too - great NR chart as well ;) And your wedding sampler looks awesome ... your blog is always a visual treat :D

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