Tuesday, August 01, 2006

July Round Up and What's Up for August

Thank you for all the comments about my recent starts and finishes, I appreciate them so much :)

Carol, my wonderful stitching friend, happy birthday to you!

The 1st of August is here, and guess what that means - spring is now only four weeks away for us Kiwi's!! Thank goodness, this winter has been the coldest and wettest that I can ever remember. You would have thought it was spring here yesterday though - it was a stunning day, not a cloud in the sky, and the temperature reached 21 C. I will be so glad when I can ditch the thermals, socks and winter boots!

so now its time to look back on July's stitching and to list here what I'd like to achieve during August.

For July I had said I wanted to:
1. make good progress on my friends' wedding sampler and ring pillow - no
2. participate in Needleroll SAL - 2nd weekend of the month - yes,
3. Kiwi Ornie SAL - Little House Needleworks Home for the Holidays -yes
4. finish Mill Hill ornie and perhaps one other ornie - no to the Mill Hill, but yes to another.
5. Carol and I are hoping to SAL on Earth Thread's Violet and Lace Sampler - no because my threads have only just arrived so we're hoping to SAL this mid August.

My July finishes included:
Peace - ornament by Charlottes Web from 2005 JCS
January Quaker - freebie by the Workbasket, made into a biscornu
Part 2, 3 & 4 of the Stitching Leporello
Victorian Floral - needleroll by the Sweetheart Tree
Friendship - a Trilogy design
Coffee Menu - Little House Needleworks
Home for the Holidays - ornament by Little House Needleworks from 2005 JCS
Wandering Shepherd - Shepherds Bush
Friends and Flowers - Elizabeth Designs
Alphabet Wreath - JBW Designs

(this looks alot but some of these have been wips for a few months, lol. Sure was good to get them finished :)

July starts included:

Season of Rest - Little House Needleworks
The Beecharmer - Indigo Rose
Mermaid Heart - Just Nan
Christmas Elf Fairy - Mirabilia

For August my goals will be:
1. Focus on Wedding Sampler - Sweetheart Tree's To have and to Hold
2. Needleroll stitchalong - 2nd weekend of the month
3. Kiwi ornie SAL - Homespun Sampler 2005 ornament
4. Kath's ornie for our two monthly exchange
5. Needleroll for an exchange in September
6. SBEBB Redwork exchange in September
7. Part 5 Stitching Leporello.
8. Violets and Lace SAL with Carol.

I'm going to set up a little rotation this month and will stitch on the wedding sampler Sunday - Wednesday, Stitching Leporello on Thursdays and the small projects during the weekend. We have a few free weekends coming up so my needle will be flying!

oh yes, I have two other stitching related goals to add:

1. update my webshots album and 2. send out seasonal exchange once the finishing is done on my gift for Kelly, which I hope to complete this week sometime.

Bye for now!

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zoeandcooper said...

Congrats on all those finishes in July. It is nice when you finally finish things that have been in your pile a while. Good luck with all those August goals. I am looking forward to your SAL with Carol

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