Thursday, August 10, 2006

Edited - Needleroll Participants

Ok folks here's who's in so far for this month's SAL. Its still not too late to join!

Katrina - Tulip Time by the Sweetheart Tree
Andrea - Strawberry Roll " "
Karoline -Shepherds Roll by Shepherds Bush
Judith - not sure
Anne S - Snowman by Shepherds Bush or Jeanette Douglas' Summer at the Ocean
new to our SAL this month,
Gail, - Hydrangea Needleroll by Lorri Birmingham.

Lisa - Little Pink Houses by M Designs

Lisa - might work on her needleroll from last month's sal

Juanita -Victoria Sampler's Pansy needleroll.

We're a real international bunch - NZ, the UK, the US, the Netherlands and Australia - how cool!

Look forward to seeing how you all get on - I've made a tiny start on Tulip Time but hope to get a few hours stitching in later today.


Carol said...

I would join if I had even the tiniest clue how to take the flat fabric and somehow, magically, make it into a stunning needleroll like you ladies do!! I am pathetic!! Help! LOL Mikey mailed off your Kreinik and ornie cuts today :-) Good Boy.

Stitchie Kiwi said...

Me too! Me too!

I pulled out Little Pink Houses tonight - hopefully at some point over the weekend I'll get time to put some stitches in :)

Juanita - aka flosslady said...

Oooh... looks like I checked in at just the right time, for once. :) I'll join you, with Victoria Sampler's pansy needleroll. I started it ages ago, and it has been sitting in my UFO pile for a long time. And maybe, if I can finish it and get really ambitious, I'll start something from Sweetheart Tree.

Lisa said...

I may get in a few stitches. I'm editing some articles for a magazine and they are trying to get to print this week. lol But I need a break now and then. :)

Judith said...

I am busy with pine needleroll from Sheperd's Bush and well my progress is very little due to not being around much yesterday, hope I can make some more progress today.

Stitch or no stitch said...

I would love to join your needleroll SAL but I've never made one before have to see if I can find a pattern today. Please give me till tomorrow to find one.
See you're reading "The Eight". Have read this book twice and loved it. How about you?


Cathy said...

Quite a nice bunch of stitchers there! I would join you, but I've got too many other projects in the works right now. Have fun!

tkdchick said...

I think next month I may join you I've had a VS monthly flower needleroll kit sitting around for YEARS!

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