Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Needleroll SAL

Margaret asked me to share a list of everyone participating in the needleroll SAL over the recent weekend so we can check out one another's progress. I hope I haven't missed anyone out so please drop me a note if I have:

Lisa P
Twisted Stitcher

I made a start on the Blueberry needleroll on Friday but because I wasn't too happy with my fabric choice, I decided to restart it last night after finding some more suitable fabric. I hope to have a pic to share in the next day or so when I've made some decent progress, lol.


AnneS said...

Hanging head in shame ... I'm sorry to say I didn't manage to get any needleroll stitching done this weekend, mainly due to illness lethargy, then working on Sunday, but I'm getting 3 needlerolls all kitted up ready start next month :) Look forward to seeing everyone's progress :D Have to admit, I spent a wee bit of time yesterday hunting down different needleroll charts online, and started to create quite a substantial wishlist ... ever since finishing my first one last year, I'm hooked, and want to make loads more (don't think I'll ever rival your collection, though LOL).

StitchCat said...

Thanks for putting the list up katrina...I had missed a couple of names. I will edit my list I put on my blog.

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