Monday, April 03, 2006


Time for a quick post before getting stuck into a big pile of invoicing to do for Glenn, and I'm also looking after my friend's daughter later until her husband finishes work.

We had a fantastic time away over the weekend for the rugby game. We left about 8.3oam Saturday morning and arrived in Wellington early afternoon to a lovely sunny day. We checked into our motel and then headed to a bar for a few drinks and snacks before catching a bus which takes you right to the stadium. Kick off was at 5.30pm and we arrived in time to see the teams do a bit of a warm up before getting underway. The Hurricanes lost 11-20 but just being there was really cool. The atmosphere was awesome and everyone was really getting into the spirit of things. You can read a report on the match here. Next time I go I've decided to go as a real team fan and borrow my brother's hurricanes rugby jersey, and buy myself a flag and yellow wig as I actually felt underdressed in my jeans and jacket!!

After the game we headed back into town but a lot of the bars close to the stadium were pretty packed full of people. We found one closer back to our motel and stayed there for a few drinks before getting something to eat and then went back to the motel about midnight. Sunday morning we went to a cafe for brunch and then started making our way home. Quite a few stops later - food, sightseeing and toilet stops :), we arrived back about 4.30pm. Good to be home.

I got my stitching out after we had unpacked our bags and got the washing done, and worked a little on Welcome Spot, well, I should say frogged a little bit. For some reason I had completely misread the diagram for the satin stitch on the roof of the little house on Thursday and had started stitching it in complely the wrong colours. Its all fixed now, and I hope to have a happy dance on Thursday.

Part 1 arrived over the weekend for the Stitching Leporello Book which I'm really excited about. So as soon as the supplies come in the mail I'll be making a start. Can't wait, and I'm so happy as Anne has joined in on the fun too :)

Catch you tomorrow.

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AnneS said...

And not just me ... Jenna (Tale of a Shooting Star) has now succumbed to the temptation of the Leporello and has ordered the chart and kit as well - what a great group of enablers! :D May have a financial boost coming in a couple of weeks ... if so, I'll order the kit and jump in and catch up on the stitching too :))

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