Monday, November 07, 2005

I'm Back!

Hi folks, we're finally back to our "normal" lives, lol, and boy, does it feel good. We arrived back from honeymoon last Tuesday evening (I'll blog about Rarotonga later) and Glenn went back to his work Wednesday. I spent a day getting our house back into some sort of order, and then went back to my work on Thursday.

Here's a few more pics for you from our wedding, this selection is from our official album.

Signing the Registry
Image hosted by

Cutting our cake (carrot one layer, and banana one layer)
Image hosted by

At long last, Mr and Mrs Jamieson
Image hosted by

The Girls - myself, Rebecca(friend), Donna,Kimberley, Odette (my cousins) and my niece Zoe
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Close up - dress and flowers
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It was such a wonderful day and everything went without a hitch, apart from a few drops of rain. Our ceremony was conducted half outdoors and half indoors! We had a great time catching up with our family and friends, many whom had travelled a long way to be with us. The dancing finished at 1.15am and Glenn and I were dropped off our motel at 2.00am. The next day, after having brunch with friends, we headed on home. That was when Glenn surprised me with our airline tickets toRarotonga. I had no idea but I've since found out that almost everyone at the wedding was in on the secret!

Heather and Cliff, Glenn's parents, hosted a barbeque for us on Sunday, where we were able to spend time with family and friends once again before many of them left to head home. We also opened our wedding gifts. Oh wow, is all I could say. We received some truly beautiful gifts including a gorgeous Lori Birmingham sampler stitched by my very special and dear friend, Kath. I burst into tears upon opening it as I was completely blown away by how beautiful it is, and I know how many long hours Kath has spent this year on it. Hugs to you again Kath. Glenn and I are going to have a lot of fun deciding where all our gifts are going to go, perhaps we'd better start building that new house sooner than we think!


Carol said...

Welcome home Mrs. J! I have missed you! I am so glad you had a good honeymoon, and look forward to the details. Your wedding pics are lovely!! I saw the LB sampler on Kathi's Blog - oh so nice - luck you :-)

Rowyn said...

Your wedding photos are beautiful. Congratulations!

Isabelle said...

Hey Katrina, good to read you again. Your pictures are great - you were such a beautiful bride :o)

Kath said...

Hey Kiddo! Great to have you back home and loved your pics. Can't wait to see more of them. Love the one of you and G outside and of you and the girls.

Sampler - my pleasure. I hope that you can get a better pic of it than I can - I have played with it for hours and hours.... just thought, I should have tipped the camera sideways. Thanks for the phone call yesterday too, was lovely to catch up.

Kath said...

And the tears.... tears of joy. Sometimes these things just happen.

I felt like that when you walked down the boardwalk too.... and saying your vows.

Call us sooks!! LOL

KarenV said...

Great to see you back Katrina! The photos are beautiful - looking forward to hearing about the honyemoon.

Stitchie Kiwi said...

Awwwww you (and everyone else!) look beautiful - I'm really pleased everything went to plan and you had a great day :)

Nice to see you back!


AnneS said...

The photos are just beautiful - as are all the wedding party ... it's lovely to share your special day with you :)

Lnanaa said...

Wow what a beautiful dress! Boy, that cake sure looks good to eat. It looks like u had a beautiful wedding too. :)

tkdchick said...

Katrina thank you for sharing your special day with us! You were a gorgous bride!

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