Monday, October 03, 2005

September in Review and whats up for October?

When I looked back over September's stitching progress I'm quite amazed to see what I actually got done, just goes to show that no matter how busy I get, I can always squeeze a little bit of stitching in,lol. I think its stitching thats keeping me relaxed and not getting too stressed out about the wedding!!

goals for September were to:
Start Celtic Winter SAL with blogging friends - yes
Noah's Sub SAL with Dani - yes, sort of!
Lizzie Kate's Santa's Wish List - yes
Two Christmas Ornaments - yes, I actually got three done
Finish Winter into Spring - yes

I also started and finished M Design's Little Pink Houses and made good progress on Elisabeth's stocking.

The only goal I'm going to set myself for October is for the Retro Ornie RR - Goldie's choice, which I'm going to work on later this week. Anything else this month will be a bonus!


Carol said...

I would guess your October is surely going to be busy enough with that little tiny thing you have coming up... what is that? Oh yeah, your wedding!! LOL - to get much stitching done :-)

tkdchick said...

Yeah that Noah's Sub SAL has become an on again off again thing. This week it was off. LOL!

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