Monday, August 01, 2005

Monday morning

Mum and Dad's move to their new house went well over the weekend. We couldn't have had better weather, like a spring day mild and sunny. I started about 8am at the new house unpacking boxes with some of Mum's sisters while Mum cleaned the old house. Dad, Glenn, my brother Marcus, and a couple of Dad's friends moved all the furniture and big stuff throughout the morning. By lunchtime their kitchen was all done, lounge and dining room all sorted, and two of the bedrooms were all set up too. Yesterday Glenn helped Dad move everything out from the garage, the dog kennel for Dad's lab Ruby and Mum finished the last of the cleaning. Their new house is in a very quiet street just around the corner from the local high school and quite near to where my niece goes to day care. The bedrooms are way bigger and Dad is very excited about his double sized garage, lol.

Last night we went out to dinner at one of the local restaurants with my parents, Glenn's parents and our friends to celebrate Glenn's birthday, which is tomorrow, and Glenn's Dad's birthday which was last Monday. We had a lovely meal and even though the dessert looked very tempting I was a good girl and didn't partake in any!

I managed to squeeze in a few stitches on the Stitchy Kitty freebie late yesterday afternoon but I couldn't find several of the DMC's I need for it so I'll pick them up today from my LNS. I had time to stitch Saturday night but couldn't get my nose out of the new Harry Potter book! I ended up sitting up until I had finished it and I'm still blown away about what happened at the end! I don't know if I can really wait another 2 or 3 years for the last book to come out to find out what happens next, lol.

Tonight after work I'll be working on the monthly invoices for the business and then looking at some wedding things. I went along to the local Court house on Friday and picked up the right form for Glenn and I to fill out to get our marriage licence. We don't need to have it back in until a week before the wedding but I'll make sure its there before then, lol. I was really amazed that we don't have to provide any form of identification with it either, no birth certificate or anything. Just fill it out, pay the money and thats it. Amazing.

and finally for today, happy birthday to Carol - hope you're having a fantastic day!

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Cathy said...

I feel like once you get to a certain point in the new Harry Potter book, you just can't put it down anymore. She sure knows how to keep her readers involved.

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