Tuesday, August 16, 2005

At Long Last..

no sorry folks, its not a happy dance for the CB Sampler (watch out for that later this week), but I've finally decided what I'm going to stitch for a friendship exchange later this month. You may recall that the in the first weekend of September I'm going to meet up with some of my fellow kiwi stitchers for a weekend of stitching, chatting, snacking and maybe some LNS visiting. I can't say what its going to be as I know at least 3 of the ladies going to the weekend visit here. Watch this space!

All of my supplies for my pick for the Retro JSC Ornament RR have arrived too so that will be my next start.

Glenn is home from his Aussie trip, he had a fabulous time over there, must have missed me as he rang everyday!! I dread to think what our phone bill is going to be next month I got very spoilt as he gave me two bottles of perfume, one which I'll save especially for the wedding.

A very dear friend of mine, Kath, has just started her own blog this weekend so I thought I'd mention it here as she does wonderful stitching and is a real big Shepherd's Bush fan.


Carol said...

Hi Katrina - thanks for the link to Kath's blog - she is lovely - had a nice "chat" with her :-) yay, Glenn is home!!! OK, ready now for your CBS happy dance!!

Stitchie Kiwi said...

You're doing much better than me Katrina - I still have to pick out my Retro ornament (mental note - DO that this afternoon), and pick out a piece for the friendship exchange. I'm starting to feel over-committed! LOL

Kath said...

Yes, Trina, still trying to work out what we will do for 'our' weekend. It will come together though.

I will follow the Retro RR, sounds like a heap of fun and I am sure Lisa will show us what she is doing too. Will look forward to seeing your pics too.

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