Monday, May 23, 2005

A Day Off!

I'm having a day off work today to make up for some overtime I worked earlier in the month and boy, it sure feels good! I got up this morning at my usual time to have breakfast with Glenn before he headed off to work and have spent the past few hours trying to get my head around the new accounting system I'm going to be using for our business. We bought a new laptop a few weeks ago and had the programme installed on it. I think I've got it all worked out :) I guess the accountant will soon tell me as I have to send in April's reports to be checked!

Over the weekend I've been tagged by Dani and Danielle for this Book Meme:

1. Total number of books I've owned...
I would hate to start counting! Over the years I've bought stacks and stacks of books, many of which I have either passsed along to friends or family, or have given to the local charity op shop. I have always been a big supporter of my local library too and the staff there are so good to me. They always put on reserve for me new books that come in by my favourite authors.

2. Last book I bought....
Digital Fortress by Dan Brown with a book voucher I was given for my birthday.

3. The last book I read...
Was the 1st in a new triology "In the Garden" by Nora Roberts called Blue Dahlia. Really enjoyed this one, and was a very quick read.

4. books that mean a lot to me...
There are several:
The Lion, Witch and the Wardrobe - CS Lewis, one of my alltime favourites.
The Little Broomstick - Mary Stewart, another favourite book that I associate with lovely childhood memories of spending time with an great aunty.
All the Harry Potter Books
and any Victoria Holt/Jean Plaidy books - these books sparked my interest in history.

now I will tag Lisa.

I managed a bit of stitching over the weekend, and finished off my freebie for the freebie SAL on the Needle and Thread board. I haven't a pic to show you yet as I thought I'd finish it into an 8 sided pin cushion this afternoon. A great idea, this freebie SAL, I've got stacks of freebies that I've been wanting to stitch for ages, lol.

I have received two lovely parcels over the past few days - one from my Seasonal Exchange partner Misty in the US with some lovely treats for me, and the other a belated birthday gift from the NZ stitching group I belong to. This gift included two fat 1/4's of Christmas fabric, some piecemaker needles, Victoria Sampler's New Zealand International Heart, and some gorgeous smelling hand cream called Love and Happiness. I feel very spoilt.

So can you guess what I've got planned for the rest of my day off??

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Carol said...

Woo Hoo! Enjoy your day off :-) I am guessing... stitching - LOL!

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