Sunday, April 03, 2005

Stitching Blogger's Question

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How has your stitching evolved since you first started stitching?

I’ve now been cross stitching for well over ten years. I first got interested when a co-worker bought her stitching into work one day and pulled it out to show us during lunchbreak, and I really liked the look of it. Off I went the very next day, bought a little kit for a birthday card and basically taught myself how to stitch! Up until then I’d been an avid knitter and sewer but learning something new was a challenge. The card I stitched was for my Mum, and she likes to get it out every now and then to show me - my crosses all go opposite ways, I’ve used two and three stands for the stitching, and as for starting and finishing, just as well you can’t see the back, lol. But we all have to start from somewhere. Over recent years I’ve learned a lot of tips to help my stitching, from reading stitchey magazines, and of course, being addicted to all the bulletin boards on the internet, I have to admit that I’ve become rather fussy about how my stitching looks, and if I’m not happy with it, out the stitches come until they look right. A few times I’ve stitched a piece only for it to be filed away in a drawer somewhere because I wasn’t very impressed with how it turned out.

I’ve found my favourite designers have changed over recent years too. More and more cross stitch supplies have become available here in New Zealand, including being able to access speciality threads and charms, etc, giving us a lot more choice about what we stitch. And of course now I can order directly from overseas too and have it arrive in a very short time, usually a lot quicker than ordering from my LNS!

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