Friday, April 01, 2005

She's Done!!

I've been happy dancing all over the place today as my Petal Fairy is completely finished. Here she is:

Image hosted by

(Stitched on 32ct Pipi Belfast, from Countrystitch)

I just loved stitching her and in a way, I'm sad that she is finished. But I get to something new right? This afternoon I've kitted up the Emerald Mermaid by Mirabilia, which I'm intending to stitch for my Swedish friend Petra. Petra came to visit me in New Zealand last year and I asked her to chose a Mirabilia cross stitch pattern that I would stitch for her. She actually chose Waiting for Ships but when I emailed her the picture of Emerald Mermaid recently she really liked it. I hope I can part with it when its done, lol.

I have also done a floss toss this afternoon for Homespun Samplar's Celtic Band Sampler, which I'm going to be doing a SAL with Dani in May. This pattern has been in my stitching basket for ages now so I'm looking forward to getting started on it. I think I'm going to use a piece of Kiwi from Countrystitch, which I'd orignally bought for Lavender and Lace's Celtic Autumn.

Its been a productive afternoon as I also finally got around to framing the birth sampler for my friend.


Kerry said...

Petal Fairy looks absolutely beautiful. You've got a right to be dancing.

I've just ordered the Celtic Band Sampler. I've been eyeing it for ages and finally decided to buy. I'll be looking forward to see Dani's and your progress.

Kerry (

Carol said...

Hi Katrina!
She is gorgeous! Congratulations!!!! I guess your beads finally came in - LOL!!!! I was getting ready to send you some at this point :-) Wow, awesome job! I have Celtic Band Sampler in my list to do for 2005 too :-) I thought Dani was already into doing hers already?? Looks like a fun stitch!!!

Karen said...

Congratulations on finishing Petal Fairy, Katrina - she looks fabulous!

Karen V

Trish said...

AMAZING!!! I have this one in my list to stitch this year and I've already ordered the fabric for it!

tkdchick said...

Ahhh Katrina she's awesome!!!

Isabelle said...

Oh my goodness, your Petal Fairy is absolutely stunning! Oh wow. I definitely HAVE to stitch her. You did an awesome job. WELL DONE!

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