Monday, April 11, 2005

Stitcher's Blogger Question

What is your next specialty stitch?

I'm not really sure what my next speciality stitch is going to be. But recently I tried out some new stitches while working on Drawn Thread's Real Roses sampler including spider web stitch (kinda cool) and Queen stitches - not at all keen on these. I was thinking recently though that I'd like to have to go at hem stitching "something". I've hemstitched on needlerolls before but I'd like to try and hemstitch a whole border on something. Anyone know of any instructions on the net?


Carol said...

Hi Katrina - Sounds like you might enjoy Indigo Rose's new Six Hem Sampler :-)

Stitchie Kiwi said...

Hi Katrina ... have you stitched or got the DT's Random Thoughts? The hem stitching instructions for the border of that are really good :)

Love your piccies ... Petal Fairy turned out lovely (I am dying to start that one!)

Lisa (the Paraparaumu one)

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