Monday, February 21, 2005

I went to see the Phantom of the Opera at the movies yesterday afternoon. What a great movie! Made me remember how much I loved the music from when I went to see the live stage show several years ago.

We've had a pretty busy few days over the weekend. On Friday night we went out for our usual "Friday night" drinks with our friends and then bought pizza for dinner -yum! Glenn spent most of the weekend working on his latest project, building my office in the garage. We have a huge garage and he decided a few months ago to convert one side of it into an office space for me and that way free up the bedroom I use for an office now. Its mostly done now, just needs to have the wiring done and off course a phone connection, and be painted and carpeted. I will even have lots of cubpboards and shelving so I will be able to my entire stash collection stored in there too. Now to decide on a paint colour - umm decisions, decisions.

Didn't get a huge amount of stitching done over the weekend as we had my nearly four year old niece Zoe to stay on Saturday night, and then friends came for dinner last night. I did get to start a new ornament: Holly Noel by Just Nan, which I'll work on during the weekends until its finished. Tonight its definately time to stop proscratinating and pull out Drawn Threads's Real Roses out my stitching basket. For some reason I just haven't been able to get motivated to pick this one up since at least the middle of last year? I really need to get a move on with it if I want to have it stitched and framed for my stitching group's annual exhibition in early May.

No Monday night craft group tonight so yay, I might even get a few good hours of stitching in.

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Literary Lady said...

When I run out of motivation for a project, I discipline myself to work on it for a short time every day -before- I allow myself to work on something fun. Even 30 minutes a day can provide a sense of accomplishment!


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