Sunday, January 30, 2005

The weekend is almost over

Thanks to a little help from my stitching friend Carol I have now been sitting here for well over three hours playing around with the template for my blog, lol. Up until now I just could not figure out how to get "things'' into the sidebar - now the mystery has been solved. Thanks Carol!!

Another weekend is almost gone and of course, its the end of January tomorrow. Wow, one month of 2005 has zipped on by! Incredible.

Glenn and I got a huge, and I mean huge, surprise yesterday. We had been invited to our friend's Justin and Ciara's engagement party which was held at Justin's grandparents home in a marque set in the most loveliest gardens. Just before the buffet dinner started Justin and Ciara announced to everyone that they had gotten married that morning!! So the engagement party turned into a wedding reception. It was a great night as many of our old school friends were there- talkabout a class reunion, lol.

For the first time in ages on a Sunday afternoon I actually sat down to stitch for a few hours. I'm making great progress on the petal fairy, will try to remember to take another progress pic in the next day or so.

I've decided what to do for the baby sampler that I was asked to stitch: after browsing around on Patterns Online I found a pattern by Ellen Maurer-Stroh that is going to be perfect. Its called Bears at Work - the Firefigher. I've kitted it up and have picked a piece of 32ct belfast kiwi illusions in blue ice to stitch it on. I'm hoping to get it started on Monday night at my craft group.


KarenV said...

Your sidebar's looking good, Katrina. Just a little tip - if you put a line break command < br > (but without the spaces) at the end of each WIP and BB link, it'll force them onto separate lines, rather than having them as one continuous line.

So, e.g., your list would look like this:

Mirabilia's Petal Fairy < br >
Drawn Thread's Real Roses (don't need a < br > here as it's the end of the list)

NB: You'll have to type it without the spaces around br, as it wouldn't let me type it in correctly.

Carol said...

Looking great! Glad the tips helped!!


Scott said...

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