Monday, December 27, 2004

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas! I hope you had a wonderful day with family or friends, and Santa came to visit. Perhaps you got some new stash? We had a lovely Christmas day. Glenn and I spent some of the morning with his parents and then went to my parents' house for Christmas lunch. There were about 14 of us altogther and we had the traditional lunch - ham, roast pork and lamb, chicken, peas, beans, pototoes freshly dug from Dad's garden, seafood salad, rice salad and lettuce salad. Dessert,which we had about 5pm, was pavlova, fresh boysenberries, meringues, and icecream - yum! Glenn and I had intentions of having dinner back at his parents' house but none of us were hungry by then!

I received lots of lovely presents: Glenn gave me a new cellphone,which I was thrilled with especially since I'd been planning to buy a new one in the next week or so since my other one has nearly died. I also got a new handbag, wallet, jewellery, pj's, some body wash gel and body butter - cool, lots of chocolates, a handmade calendar by my niece, and several other wonderful pressies.

I also got some new stash: Shepherd's Bush Christmas scissor fob which has been on my wish list for ages from my friend K, and my friend J gave me Sweetheart Tree's Victorian Violets, a lovely kit that I hadn't seen before. Both of these have gone straight into my stitching basket to do very soon!

thanks to one of my enabling stitching friends (lol) I found out that Stitching Bits and Bobs are having 25% store wide for a Merry Christmas sale so this morning I deleted quite a few items of my wish list! Now I can't wait for it all to arrive.

I have managed quite a bit of stitching over the past few days too. Lately I've been working on SB's Robert stocking, which is for Glenn. I'd say I'm well over half way on it so think I'll carry on until its done before starting anything new. I'm not sure what my next start is going to be, either the Petal Fairy or Emerald Mermaid. I ordered some fabric from Countrystitch a few days ago for the fairy, Kiwi Illusions Pipi which one of the members on the Mirabilia board suggested. I've been told the mermaid is a quick stitch so I might even start her. We'll see.

It still doesn't really feel like I'm holiday. I guess because its still public holidays here for everyone but come tomorrow I've already had one week off! scary. hope the rest of the break doesn't go as fast!

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