Wednesday, December 19, 2018

New Additions to the Trees

Today's post is about some new additions to our Christmas trees.

I work with some very lovely ladies and they are all very talented with their various crafts, and these skills they share with the clients at our disability service. Each year they make a numerous amount of Christmas ornaments, which helps to raise funds for the following year's activity programme.  I just love seeing what they come up, some get repeated from year to year as they are very popular, and there's always several new designs, which they have sourced from Pinterest or other websites.  

I couldn't resist this cutie for Hannah:

And this Santa, which I've made before myself several years ago:

Hannah made this little stocking all by herself :

This beautiful ballet lady was gifted to Hannah by her Granny & Pop.  Hannah started ballet for the first time earlier in the year. We were very proud when she passed her first exam back in August with Distinction, way to go Hannah!

And lastly, who could resist this cute reindeer with a red nose, which I found recently at the Warehouse.

See you soon x


butterfly said...

Beautiful ornaments , thanks for sharing .

Marilyn said...

They are all beautiful.
How can that Gingerbread not make you smile/ :)

Bethan said...

Gorgeous ornaments, and well done to Hannah - for the stocking and for the Distinction! x

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