Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Holiday Reading & Happy Mail

I always have plenty of books sorted to take away with me on holiday and I was really pleased that this one arrived in at my local library just in time.  

Scrublands by Chris Hammer is a crime mystery set in a fictional Australian country town during a severe drought. Don't let the length of it put you off, a must read for crime lovers. 

I actually started reading Crazy Rich Asians a few months ago, once I'd seen the trailer for the movie but I didn't quite finish it in time. The movie was great - a light, fun and romantic comedy. I'm pleased I continued with the book, very entertaining but with some different story lines to the movie, as always.

Several lovely things arrived just before we headed away on holiday, in fact, they turned up the day we were leaving :) 

I love getting the annual Just Cross Stitch ornaments magazine each year - I have back to the1997 issue in my collection.  Even though I'm saddened to see some of my favourite designers no longer submit ornaments, there's always several that catch my eye each year.

This year my favourite choices are by Rovaris, JBW Designs, Knotted Tree Needleart, MTV Designs and who can resist the cute little sheepie by Nikycreations.

Some woolly goodies also arrived, all the way from Suffolk Socks in the UK. Bit of a splurge but I couldn't resist. Julie from Suffolk Socks dyes her own yarn, The Yarn Tart, and also has project bags. I bought one of Julie's Christmas kits, never too early for Christmas knitting - not that we'll need socks for Christmas here in NZ!  I love the little knitted sock glass ornament included in the kit and I also purchased a Suffolk Socks pin.

Also, in my order, several balls of this gorgeous Mondim yarn, which I've seen popping up on IG a bit lately.

Mondim Yarn is all the way from Portugal.

I'm looking forward to trying out these fab colours, especially the minty pink and brown one.

See you soon xx


Kay said...

I don't knit but the wool is gorgeous, i especially love the glass ornament though. x

Marilyn said...

Those are some gorgeous yarns!

butterfly said...

Lovely yarns ,I must try stitching some socks this year ,just so short of time at the moment.

shirley flavell said...

Ooohh what fun Katrina, that wool is beautiful and I love the colours you have chosen. Socks are not too bad to knit in the Summer and they are always fun to knit. The crosstitch Christmas ornaments look lovely I look forward to seeing your projects. Always great to see and hear what you are doing now:))

Mary - Lecoeurceltique said...

Love the colours in your new wool.

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