Tuesday, August 14, 2018

From the Weekend

I have finished another design in the Blackbird Designs Loose Feather series - chart 4, All The Hills Echoed.  Stitched with all the recommended threads on 36ct Oaken linen by Picture This Plus.

Good timing as the latest in the series arrived in the post on Friday. I think I might skip ahead to this one, it really appealled to me, and go back to chart 5 & 6 sometime.

Miss H started weekly ballet lessons last term, and she is absolutely loving ballet so far. Her teacher is just lovely and so wonderful with all the children in Hannah's class, from 5 year olds to the older children Hannah's age.  Hannah has her first exam coming up later in the month so on Saturday was the mock exam which Hannah participated in. All good fun and she has been learning so much.

In other news from around here, our house renovations are moving along and the laundry is currently underway.  We had to wait quite some time for a local plasterer to come, he's the same guy we used last year so we were happy to wait but now that part of the job has been done, we can get the painting underway.

This coming weekend the final coats on the walls will be done, then we can move onto the floor tiling. You can see the difference in the paint colours in the above pic as the door to the garage is still the previous colour and now with the black white paint, it's looking so much brighter and fresher. We've yet to decide on bench tops and laundry tub and a new washing machine will be purchased too. All in good time!

See you soon x


butterfly said...

Beautiful stitching .
Love the new stitch too.

Marilyn said...

This BB series are all so pretty.
Great job on the finishing.

Vickie said...

A beautiful finish. I am so happy for Hannah. I have such fond memories of dancing ballet myself.❤️

ricketyjo said...

What gorgeous stitching! such a lovely piece and the colours are beautiful. I hope that Hannah is enjoying the ballet. My little one is still a bit too little and I think she'd prefer football, although she does like to swish around too :) Good luck with all the work on your home, I hope it's all sorted soon. Have a great weekend!

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