Thursday, April 12, 2018

Stitching plans, laundry renos and a few days away

My main stitching project at the moment is Feliz Navidad by Blackbird Designs. I've been really enjoying the colours in this and I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the border matches when I get around the right hand corner!

On Monday I celebrated my birthday. I was at work for the day and received some lovely gifts and treats from my work friends. Then after Hannah's evening trampolining class, we went across the road to my parents for a roast beef dinner with my brother Marcus and Zoe too. This was followed by a self saucing gingerbread pudding with custard and cream, delicious! More lovely gifts received including the most softest winter dressing gown from Hannah and Glenn - it has already been put to use the past few evenings! I was also very spoiled with gifts from some of my dear friends too, pics to come.

I have had this little pattern kitted and ready to stitch for ages so made a small start on Monday evening. Isn't my bunny mug sweet, Hannah and I both got new mugs at Easter. 

Glenn worked all weekend in the laundry and all the interior walls have been relined.

Next on his to do list is to put the ceiling scotia back up and fill in the holes on the walls.  We've also got to get the old cork tiles up sometime, what a job that's going to be.

Hannah has a two week holiday from school coming up. She's getting very excited as this weekend we are off on a girl's trip for a few days with her bestie Abigail and Abigail's Mum, my good friend Tracey.

We're heading south to Palmerston North - we'll be staying a few nights with my family there, and the girls have a big list of activities they'd like to do, and shops to visit. All good fun!

See you soon xx


Elizabeth said...

Wow, your renovations are going well. Glen is a machine. Your birthday dinne4 sounded so yummmmmmy. Enjoy your few days away in Palmerston North

Julie said...

Hello Katrina, I have begun following your blog after "finding you" on instagram. I love ALL your creations & your new project with the little mice looks so sweet & wonderful. Happy Belated Birthday wishes to you!!

Kay said...

Happy birthday. Blackbird designs are my favourite designers, I love the soft colours they use. I do have to admit to worrying every time about borders. x

Marilyn said...

Happy belated Birthday!!
Feliz is looking so pretty.
Have fun this weekend!

Mary - Lecoeurceltique said...

Belated Happy Birthday.
I agree with you the colours in Feliz Navidad are beautiful. 'Mice in the Sewing Room' are on my to do list.

Bethan said...

Happy belated birthday - sounds like you had lovely celebrations! Feliz is looking great - fingers crossed also for your borders matching up x

Maggee said...

I am glad to see that you had a great time of celebrating your birthday! Many great activities with family and friends can't be beat! Enjoy your trip! Hugs!

Andrea said...

Happy Belated Birthday! Sounds like you had a great day.

Great over the past few posts. Love this Blackbird Designs piece.

Linda K's Stitching Corner said...

Happy Belated Birthday...sounds like you had a great Birthday.

Enjoy your Trip with your family....

Your Laundry Room looks really nice....

Happy Stitching XX

Linda K, Buttercup

karin said...

Hi Katrina,

LOvely stitching!!

Please where did you get the green leather holder on the right in the Feliz Navidad pic?
And the name please if you have it.

Karin :)
in NY

cocoya said...

Sounds and looks like you had a nice few days away Katrina. How kind of the shop assistant to put eye shadow on the ‘young ladies’


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