Monday, April 23, 2018

Birthday Gifts

Earlier in the month I celebrated my birthday and I received some lovely gifts from my friends.

From Kath, this very cool Zip Up Tray Pouch, which is by Annela Hoey. You can see more designs here and find the links to purchase patterns. 

I just love this pouch and Kath used fabrics to match my redwork sewing bag and pouch. A perfect place to store all my crafty accessories :)

Kath also gifted me two of the new Brenda Gervais charts - both are lovely designs aren't they?

From my friend Elizabeth, some of her very own handmade cards, these are gorgeous.

Also, this gorgeous hoop art, I just adore this pretty vintage fabric and this is already hanging in my craft office.

From my friend Val, a small kit to make a tape measure cover, this is great because I'm always searching for a tape measure!

From Janet, a piece of linen and threads, and some of my favourite hand cream - Janet knows me too well.

And lastly, from one of the lovely ladies that I work with some special treats - she always is so kind to me.

The bath whip by the Bon Bon factory smells so good, almost good enough to eat, lol.

It's a gorgeous autumn day here today, I love this time of the year - the day might start of a bit chilly (it was a balmy 3 degree C when I went to work) but we are left with a stunning day, not a cloud in the sky.

See you soon xxx


loulee said...

We have a very similar weather in Timaru today, so warm and lovely.
I do like that zippered pouch. What a great idea for a gift.
Belated birthday wishes.

shirley flavell said...

Beautiful gifts Katrina, happy birthday. Envy re the Brenda Gervais Charts, they are lovely. Really like her designs.

Kay said...

Happy birthday. Your presents are just lovely, anything handmade is always extra special and more stash is perfect. x

Marilyn said...

What great goodies you received.
The try pouch is really unique.
have fun with them!

Maggee said...

Thanks for sharing your beautiful Birthday gifts! They are all so very thoughtful! Hugs!

Andrea said...

Wonderful gifts, love the pouch. The colours are beautiful and I never expected it to open up like that.

Mary - Lecoeurceltique said...

Belated Happy Birthday. You received lovely gifts.

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