Thursday, January 11, 2018


At the start of each year, just after New Year's, we head to Taupo for a few days. This time we'd booked to stay at the Cove, which is situated right on the lake front. 

One of the highlights of our trip was spending the morning with Karoline and her lovely family. They had been in New Zealand for a few weeks on holiday from the UK so we planned a meet up on the day they came to Taupo.

Karoline and I have been stitching buddies since the early days of stitching bullentin boards, we figured it's been nearly twenty years, so it was really wonderful to finally meet in person.

For the rest of our stay weather wasn't too great and we ended up with a few days of rain as the tail end of a storm passed over. But we were still able to get out and about, enjoying some of the many attractions and activites Taupo has on offer.

One day we took a drive to Turangi, which is about 40 minutes or so south of Taupo, to visit the Tongariro Trout Centre. It was an interesting place to visit, there is a museum, you can feed the trout, and kids can learn to fish. There is also a gentle walk along the river and you can view several trout hatcheries.

As well quite a bit of stitching and knitting, I was able to get stuck into two books and finished both of these:

Tomorrow we're packing up again and heading off on the second part of our summer holiday,  out to one of our local beaches.  We're looking forward to some beach fun in the sun!

See you soon xx


Julie said...

Looks like another good break. Pity our dates didn't work out, we're off to Kinloch tonight.
Enjoy your weekend.

Mary said...

How wonderful that you finally met Carolein after 20 years!!You must have been children when you met on line!! Great vacation photos! I will have to look for The Last Hours, The black plagues was a horrible yet morbidly fascinating period of history. Thanks for the recommendation.

Marilyn said...

Taupo looks like a beautiful place to visit and relax.

Chris said...

I envy your sunshine, very grey weather here at the moment in UK. Looks like a beautiful place to relax, stich and read, just my sort of holiday.

Anonymous said...

Hi Katrina what a fun holiday you all had and so nice that you got to see your friend,boy Hanna is growing up so quick,hope you have a lovely day my friend xx

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