Thursday, December 07, 2017

December so far

Whew, we're having bit of a heatwave here at the moment, the last few days have been in the 30's C and Tuesday was the hottest day I can remember in a long time.  Considering that just two weeks ago the weather was still very cool, summer has arrived right on time. 

Hannah and I have started the lead up to Christmas with lots of pre Christmas activities and festive fun!

We spent an enjoyable afternoon with my SIL Jude and nieces Alice and Sally watching a local production, Peter Panto.

Great fun - we laughed and laughed, "Oh no he didn't, oh yes he did!" There are some incredibly talented people and children in our little district.

I found some fun Christmas fabric at Spotlight recently so whipped up a new project bag for my stitching and knitting.

Obviously we don't have any chance of snow here at this time of the year, ha ha, but I thought this fabric was so cute.

We have a new addition to our little family Christmas traditions this year. Meet "Elvis" the naughty elf.

So far Elvis has drawn on the bananas in the fruit bowl, been found reading Harry Potter to the dollies, he sent Hannah on a candy cane hunt, was wrapped up in the fridge one morning (to cool off as he's not used to this hot weather!) and this morning he'd left his own shopping list to add to our grocery shopping. I'm sure there'll be more hi jinx to come!

I had a lovely day out to Napier last Friday with my co workers. This has become an annual event and we all have such a good time together. It was a beautiful sunny day up there and it was lovely sitting at Starbucks on the Marine Parade enjoying a peppermint mocha frappuchino watching everyone go about their day.

Saturday afternoon it was the local Christmas Parade and this is the first time in a few years that Hannah hasn't been involved in any of the floats.

As with previous years, our local firemen had loaded up one of the fire engines with a foam canon which was a big hit with everyone, children and adults alike,especially since it was a stinking hot afternoon.

Our community Christmas tree was also put up over the weekend and Hannah was able to find the decoration she had made a few weeks ago at the local A & P show.

2017's Santa photo.

We've also been along to the movies to see "Kiwi Christmas", a family movie about Santa running away from the North Pole and coming to NZ for a holiday! It was a total crack up, with a few sad bits too.

This year Hannah's school formed a little junior choir for the first time in many years. For the past few months they have been practicing really hard and last week they had their very first performance for parents, grandparents, etc. It was so sweet and they put on a wonderful show. I had a tear in my eye the whole time!

See you soon xx


Marilyn said...

Looks like you are all in the Christmas mode now!
Love that bag with the reindeer fabric.

Meg Hopeful said...

:)Oh, I love that cheeky little Elvis elf!! Meg:)

Mary said...

Adorable fabric for your new stitching bag. Hannah is having lots of summer fun!! Cute devious elf:)!

Elizabeth said...

Another great post from you Katrina. I love the elf. I haven’t seen any in the shops up here, where did you buy him?

Anonymous said...

Hi Katrina ,a lovely post and I can't believe how quick Hanna is growing up ,and how lovely you got to see a play together,lots of wonderful things happening coming up to Xmas.
Love the new Xmas bag that you made for yourself,well done and I hope you have a lovely day my friend xx

Kimberley said...

OMG - I have just remembered (once again!!) that I never thanked you for the divine parcel that arrived at my house *at least* a couple of weeks ago! I have no excuse for my lateness in telling you either! I LOVE it! I've part way through something else for you too - I am so delighted with my project bag - you put so much effort into everything and it made my day (and I ahd a very jealous friend too!).
Enjoy Christmas - teenage boys care not one iota about Christmas in this house...

oh yes - the HEAT! Ugh! Way too early ins't it?!

Andrea said...

Wonderful project bag. Looks like the Christmas build up is in full swing. The naughty elf is there too is he, they seem to be everywhere over here this year too.

Bethan said...

Looks like Christmas is well underway! I love your community Christmas tree - what a lovely idea! I look forward to seeing more of Elvis the Elf's hijinks! x

Maggee said...

It's just so funny to see everyone in short sleeves and shorts at this time of the year... then you realize it is pretty far over and down in the southern Hemisphere! Looks like lots of fun activities for you and your family. A Foam cannon?!? Ha! That Starbucks Peppermint Mocha Frappuchino looks yummy! Thanks for sharing with us! Hugs!

ricketyjo said...

Lovely photos! I love the fabric for your project bag - so cute!! Its so strange to me seeing people at Xmas in summer clothes! I guess that's just normal for you guys though!

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