Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Beautiful Rarotonga

In the early hours of Saturday morning we arrived back in NZ from a ten day holiday to Rarotonga.
This was our third visit now to this beautiful island. 

On this trip we were joined by our best friends, Rose and Brendon and their children, Niamh and Dylan. Rosie and Brendon have also been to Raro before but the children hadn't so they were so excited for their holiday to begin.

We stayed at the same resort at last year, the Edgewater Resort and Spa, which is just ideal.  It's a large resort, but it never felt too crowded with people. The Edgewater has a wonderful lagoon for swimming and snorkeling, an outdoor pool, a free kid's club and fun activities happening every day. The staff are also very friendly and helpful, and nothing is ever any trouble. Once again we had a garden view room, right next to our friends, where we'd meet up late in the afternoon on the balcony, for some pre dinner drinks and snacks.

This time we hired a car for a few days to get around the island so we had several trips into town to visit a cafe, or go out for dinner or visit the very popular Saturday morning markets.

But much of our time was spent hanging out by the pool or beach, the kids happily swimming all day or participating in some of the activities, or hanging out with the staff in the activity hut.

Of course a few cocktails were consumed, I didn't quite make my way through the cocktail menu but had a good shot at it!

One of the days we booked a trip with Captain Tuma's Lagoon Crusies - an awesome day out, snorkeling, a beach bbq and then a show put on by the hilarious staff. I'd highly recommend this if you ever visit Rarotonga, lots of laughs that's for sure.

Another day, Glenn and the girls hired a kayak from Muri Lagoon and had a great time crossing the lagoon, backwards and forwards, the lagoon is probably only waist deep at it's deepest point so you can easily walk across it.

On our last evening we enjoyed a few drinks and a meal at the resort restaurant watching our last sunset in unforgettable Rarotonga.

Some of the other highlights from our holiday - spotting several whales swimming by the resort one morning while we were having breakfast, delicious food at the resort and the other restaurants we went to, hanging out with our friends - lots of laughs and good times, lots of chilled out time reading - I managed to get through four books, beautiful flowers everywhere, and the friendly people you meet make Rarotonga pure relaxation in paradise.

I'm already dreaming of our next holiday there, possibly next year xx


Linda @ kokaquilts said...

Lovely photos! I've been over to Raro a few times now, and loved it every time!

Marilyn said...

This looks like a fun trip in a beautiful place.
The pics are awesome.
The water is sooooo clear and blue!

Maggie said...

It looks amazing!! thanks for sharing your lovely photos

Vickie said...

Wow! These pictures are so gorgeous Katrina. I am glad to see you all had such a lovely time.

gracie said...

Thank you for sharing great pictures. Obviously everyone had a great time.

Mary said...

What great photos!! The water color is amazing and love the crown of flowers on that sweet face...a great time had by all!!

Maggee said...

Such a beautiful place!! You took some beautiful pictures... An island paradise! Sounds like you had a packed agenda... probably no stitching done! But you do what you want on vacation!! Hugs!

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ricketyjo said...

Wow! That looks absolutely amazing.. I'm very jealous! Great photos and I'm glad you enjoyed yourselves :)

Kimberley said...

looks gorgeous - 17 or so years since my last visit! The four books sound fab! Anywhere with warm, DRY weather appeals to this Aucklander!

Bethan said...

Wow! It looks so beautiful! I can see why you've gone a couple of times! x

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