Wednesday, June 07, 2017

Weekend in Auckland

Hello again - it's almost a month since my last post and what a month it's been! A fantastic trip to Auckland, helping my parents move house, Hannah being unwell for a week, a work seminar to go to, being struck down with the flu and laryngitis myself for a week and still not feeling 100 %, and now it looks like round two for Hannah as we're home from school and work again today. And it's only just the beginning of Winter!

The recent Queen's birthday weekend was a very low key one for us, we didn't venture out very far. I did spend a few hours out in the gardens, to get some fresh air and sunshine after being cooped up inside for the week, and everything now is ready for winter. We have a few vegetable seedlings in the garden - celery, spinach, silverbeet, leeks, cauliflowers, broccoli, but they are growing very slowly after the last few cool weeks. 

Back in late May Glenn and I flew up to Auckland for the weekend with our friends Rose and Brendon.  We stayed at the Metro Suites Appartments, which were only a short stroll away from everything we had planned for the weekend.

After a miserable rainy Friday, we woke up to a sunny day on Saturday and a great view from our room.

Rose and I found the T2 shop and happily spent an hour or so in there tasting a few samples and having a very interesting chat with the sales assistant.

Saturday lunch time, we had arranged to meet up with some Auckland friends for lunch so had a lovely walk along the water front in the sunshine.

The Sky Tower

Lunch was at Miss Clawdy's and was absolutely delicious.

After a leisurely afternoon of walking about it was time to find some dinner and get ready for the concert we were going to.

Wahoo, Greenday!  We've been big fans for a long time and it was absolutely awesome to finally see them live in concert.

What a great night we had - just loved it and would happily go again if they come back to New Zealand.

After breakfast Sunday morning it was time to catch our shuttle out to the airport for our flight back to Napier. What a perfect day for flying home, back to Hawkes Bay.

Lake Taupo

Napier, Hawkes Bay.

What a fun weekend get away.

See you soon x


Julie said...

Looks as though you had a fabulous weekend. My daughter went to Green Day on Saturday night too, her very first concert - she absolutely loved it. Hope you are all well soon. Lots of vitamin c and lemon honey drinks are in order I think.

Marilyn said...

Glad you had a good time.
I hope you and Hannah feel better soon.

Maggee said...

Hello! Sorry to hear about your continuing illnesses in the family, and hope that by NOW, everyone is feeling right as rain! Thanks for sharing your trip to Auckland with us. What a delight to see your home from high up in the plane! Very cool pictures! Hugs!

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