Friday, June 16, 2017

A Few Finishes & This Week

I finished up another pair of socks last week, just in time for my lovely MIL's birthday.

Details: Winwick Mum's Basic Sock
Yarn: Opal Fresh & Juicy 9362
Needle Size: 2.5mm
Size: Medium

I have been using these great free printable labels for my gifted socks.

Last Sunday we celebrated Heather's birthday with a family afternoon tea and birthday cake. A really fun time for Hannah to hang out with her cousins. Heather just loved her socks and my sister in law Jude was very impressed with them too - little does she know that I have some yarn set aside to make a pair for her birthday coming up in July.


This little finish was from a few weeks ago, the first in the latest Blackbird Designs series.

I'm not sure how I'll finish this but probably into a small frame?

My annual ornament stitching is off to a very slow start this year. I have several designs picked out to stitch though so will be working on one or two over the next few weeks.  This gorgeous design by Brenda Gervais has been such a lovely stitch.

Well it had to happen some time - Hannah decided she'd like to learn how to knit! We found some needles and some wool from my stash and spent a few hours last Saturday evening getting underway.
Watch this space as to how it goes!

 I picked up several books from the library I had on reserve earlier in the week including this one:

See you soon xx


Elizabeth said...

Your work is just beautuful. The cross stitch will look great in a frame. You must just about be able to knit socks with your eyes closed, they are gorgeous

RJ said...

Love you socks and that is great packaging. Your stitching is beautiful. I have the Christmas Bird and now can't wait to start it after seeing how your's is coming along. I've enjoyed viewing your lovely photos. RJ @ stitching friends forever

Marilyn said...

The socks are so pretty.
Great projects also, love the brown fabric.
Yay Hannah! Another crafty person in the works!
Good luck Hannah!

Vickie said...

Such pretty socks you gifted. Your BBD finish is so very pretty. I love it! Your current WIP is gorgeous! Go Hannah! What a smart girl. I was taught by my husband's grandma and never got it! :D

Mary said...

YOur knitting is superb and love your packaging, how great that Hannah expressed an interest to knit, she is fortunate to have a talented instructor! I have Christmas Bird too and can't wait to start it though stitching on brown is intimidating to me. I adore that BBD pattern! Enjoy the rest of your weekend. Mary

shirley flavell said...

The socks turned out beautiful and the BBD crosstitch. I am waiting for my patterns to arrive. Would be interested to hear how the 2nd book from Paula Hawkins goes.

Winwick Mum said...

They're really lovely socks, and using a gift label always makes them look even more special. Your stitching is lovely too - you've been really busy! xx

Chris said...

Love your choice of yarn for your socks, beautiful bright colours. And your stitching is amazing. Since breaking my arm over two years ago I haven't been able to stitch, although I am able to knit so socks are easy for me as the short needles don't get caught in my sling.
I am scheduled an op on my arm in July so hope I will be able to stitch again soon. And we read the same sort of books, except I can't get into a Nora Roberts book, perhaps you could tell me what you like about her writing?

Andrea said...

The BBD is lovely. Great socks and I love the packaging. Seems we have another crafter in our midst.

Lesleyanne said...

Lovely knitting. I have been missing your ornaments. Your blackbird finish is gorgeous. I love the colours in it. Nice to see Miss Hannah taking up knitting. Can I ask what your favourite fabric and colour is for stitching ornaments?

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