Wednesday, April 12, 2017

All about the Socks

This gorgeous yarn recently arrived from Western Australia. 

Hand dyed by Bec from Saltwater Yarns, @handmadebec on Instagram, and even though it took a detour via the US to get here to New Zealand (how weird!!) it was so worth the wait. 

Bec also included a stitch marker, a tea sample and a little project bag.

I couldn't wait to cast on a new pair of socks, this time they are actually for me!

Yarn is Green Pools from Saltwater Yarns, pattern is Prairie Socks by Kay F Jones, and it can be purchased at Ravelry here.

Another of my lovely, dear friends recently celebrated a special birthday and I chose to knit Wendy a pair of socks too.


Pattern: My Favourite Vanilla Sock by the Unapologetic Knitter
Yarn: Drops Fabel 904 Lavender Mix
Needle Size: 2.25mm
Size: L

My friend Janet, whom I also work with, has been saying to me for ages "I should get you to show me how to get some socks started" and well, that sort of got the ball rolling as a couple of other ladies from my work expressed an interest too. Then Kath and Clare both decided to join us, and our little sock knitting group was formed. I'm certainly no expert but using some of the wonderful tutorials and patterns available, in particular Winwick Mum's fantastic Sockalong pattern and tips, I've been able to help the ladies all get socks underway.

One or two are nearly ready for the Kitchener stitch cast off, and the other ladies are making steady progress. Not only has it been lots of fun during our knitting sessions - we've all been able to have a few laughs when one of us has dropped a stitch or two, but we've been able to encourage each other along as well.

I did thoroughly disclose when we started that sock knitting is highly addictive!!


loulee said...

I love the way sock yarns knit up, creating delicious patterns as you go. So effective, but so easy. Well it is easy once you master double ended pins! LOL

Sigrid Swinnen said...

Beautiful socks, seems very cosy to knit some socks with your friend.
Congrats on the pair of socks you're making for yourself by the way ;-)
Cheers, Sigrid

Bethan said...

What beautiful wool - I love the colours you're using for your socks. Love your sock knitting group; it does seem addictive to make socks! x

Kimberley said...

oh I'm jealous of your sock knitting group - what a fabulous idea. I'm in love with your new wool.... might be a school holiday treat to myself... (oh the treats to myself seem to be a lot lately!)

Winwick Mum said...

Oh wow, well done for starting all those new sock knitters off! The world always needs more sock knitters! :-) xx

shirley flavell said...

The socks look beautiful. What a lot of fun getting a group together and knitting them, there will be a race to see who knits the most over a period of time;)

Jennifer said...

How fun to have knitting friends at work!

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