Thursday, December 01, 2016

More Finishing and Christmas Decorating

A couple more items finished recently - the first two were stitched earlier this year.
I used various Cottage Garden threads and the designs are by Gail Pan, my favourite stitchery designer.

This candle mat project was adapted from a free pattern on Gail's blog last year.

It was time to decorate our Christmas tree on the weekend, Hannah is becoming quite the expert in hanging all our special ornaments. I keep saying that we must get a bigger tree - next year will be the year for sure because Hannah is almost taller than the tree now!

I just love opening up the Christmas boxes and rediscovering the ornaments and other decorations that I've come to really treasure over the years, whether they are handmade, or have been given by a friend or family member, or that are new for the year. 

See you soon x


Elizabeth said...

Gail Pan is my favourite stitchery designer too..

Marilyn said...

Those Gail Pan designs are just too cute.
Your finishes are beautiful.
Yes! You definitely need a bigger tree! :)
A bigger one, especially for all of those handmade ornaments.

Unknown said...

These are all beautiful, your stitching is very neat and the designs you've chosen are sweet and Christmassy. The handmade decorations on your tree are wonderful, definitely to be treasured and brought out every year at Christmas.

Andrea said...

Wonderful finishes. Your tree looks lovely. Not sure when my stitching tree is going up, hopefully this weekend. :)

Cindy's Stitching said...

Pretty finishes. I love decorating for Christmas also

Julie said...

My tree certainly isn't as colour co-ordinated as yours, but still contains lots of handmade,
travel mementos, child made decorations - in other words a hodge podge tree.

Maggee said...

Wow--I can't get over Hannah with the short bob hairdo! So cute! And yes, it is definitely time to consider a taller tree by next year... she will certainly grow taller than your present tree by then! Your ornaments are delightful to see, as always! Hugs!

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