Friday, November 18, 2016

Xmas Tea

A big thank you for all the comments on my previous finish and other recent posts!

You've probably already guessed that I stitch a lot of Christmas designs every year, including all the ornaments I love to give to my family and friends. One of my favourite stitching acquisitions each year has to be the Just Cross Stitch Ornaments magazine. I usually order it from the US as it doesn't tend to arrive in NZ book shops until almost Christmas. When it arrives I make myself a cuppa and then sit for awhile going through the new issue to find my favourites for the year. 

In this year's issue I was a little disappointed to see that many of my favourite designers are no longer contributing to the magazine but I still think its filled with lots of other lovely designs.

This year's favourite choice was Xmas Tea by Primitive Acorns.

I stitched this on 30 count Straw linen by Weeks Dye Works using the recommended threads.

You can purchase other Primitive Acorns patterns by designer Teresa Murgida via Etsy.

See you soon xx


Elizabeth said...

Rather nuce Katrina and I love your finishing

local alien said...

Great stitching. Very xmassy

Marilyn said...

So cute.
I've noticed too that a lot of the regular designers are missing. :(
But, there's still some great designs.

Cindy's Stitching said...

I always look forward to the JCS magazine each year. a beautiful finish

Andrea said...

A lovely ornament. Yes I went through and thought one or two were missing. Still a good selection, some in much the same style, so I'm happy. :)

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