Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Life Lately

Four more books from the library recently to add to the pile - my reserves always all come in at once!

One day last week Hannah and I had free afternoon after school so we decided to go for a treat in town. One of our local cafes, the Lilypond makes the best iced chocolates and iced coffees, they are seriously yum!

One of the roses in our garden has bloomed and I wish you could smell these - this is Blackberry Nip, given to me by Glenn's wonderful Nana Alice many years ago. It smells divine.

Remember our snowballs from a few weeks ago, well, hubby is now threatening to cut them down as there are now petals for miles, it really does look like its been snowing!

My little girl is growing up - she decided at Saturday's hair cut appointment to go for a "long bob", she was so thrilled and Sarah, our hair dresser, was amazed that Hannah let her cut off so much.

This weekend was the annual A & P show so we headed there for a few hours on Saturday afternoon.

My cousin Donna and her boyfriend were with us for the weekend so it was great to spend some time with them too.

Hannah and her best friend checking out the Rose Competition.

Maybe next year I'll enter one of my Blackberry Nip blooms!

See you soon with some actual stitching finishes lol. xx


QuiltMargaret said...

That happens to me too, a pile of book reserves at once, but I still want an actual book, not a tablet for reading. Just finished The Mothers today; make sure you put that one on top to finish, it was quite good.

Elizabeth said...

What a beautiful rose. I love Hannah's new hair style. It really suits her💇

Helen said...

I love Blackberry Nip! Did you know that it is also available as a climber? I have a fence covered in it. Can't keep my nose out of it!

Marilyn said...

The Roses are beautiful, and I love the Snowballs!
That's one big tractor!
Hannah's haircut is so cute on her.

Vickie said...

Blackberry Nip is awesome. Wow. Look at Hannah. What a pretty, young lady.

Summer said...

Beautiful photos ♥

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