Wednesday, September 07, 2016

Fruit Nougat Socks

Well I did it! I finally finished knitting my first ever pair of socks!  

I'm so pleased how they turned out. I still need to give them a wash but they fit, are so toasty and warm, and they are even matchy, matchy, lol.

All the details:

Sock Yarn - Opal Sweet n Spicy 3 4ply 9120 Fruchtnougat
Needle size - 3.0 mm to cast on, Knit Pro Zings 2.5mm
Pattern - Basic 4ply sock by Christine Perry (Winwick Mum). I followed the Sockalong posts.

Christine's sock along is great if you are a first time sock knitter - all the terms and techniques are explained in easy to follow steps and there are lots of photos.

I chose to knit my socks on double pointed needles, but alas I managed to lose one down the couch one night, never to be seen again, grrr.

I've already cast on for another pair, using some of the lovely Bleating Art yarn I purchased at Knit August Nights last weekend.

I'm using this pattern from Ravelry.

I can see why now sock knitting can become very addictive!


Justine said...

Love your socks - you really are so talented as these look like a professional job not a first attempt! Your new yarn is gorgeous and I look forward to seeing more of it.
I live a couple of miles from Winwick- I wonder what it feels like to have your patterns travel round the world?

Elizabeth said...

Wow, they are gorgeous Katrina. Finished in time as going by the weather forecast we are in for a cold snap

local alien said...

They are wonderful. Look like your hundredth sox not your first. You are talented.....and clever. I need someone to show me first hand..

Marilyn said...

Oh, such pretty socks.
Great job.

Maggie said...

Oh they look great!
I really must have a go once i've finished my latest knitting project.

Well done you :-)

Winwick Mum said...

They're fabulous socks and beautifully matched too, you should be super-proud of those! I expect you'll always have a pair on the needles now - once the sock bug has got you it doesn't tend to let go :-) xx

Vickie said...

Oh Katrina, these are gorgeous! Well done!

Jackie said...

I learned on DPNs too and while I later learned the other methods, DPNs are my preferred way to knit socks. Yours are gorgeous! Your stripes match up perfectly!

shirley flavell said...

Oh well done Katrina, they are beautiful. You will be bitten by the bug now, sock making is so addictive. I knit with DPN's as well, just don't seem to get the hang of using circulars.I need to look at you tube and try learning that way.Have a great week end.

Clare said...

They do look cosy. Great how they match. Maybe you can help me to make a pair :)

Kimberley said...

they are brilliant for a first pair! They could be your twentieth to me :) - you are a nice and tight knitter too. I use circulars and dpn's look hard to me! My sock book which helps me knit two together is MIA which is rather annoying! The next pair will fly off your needles.

Bethan Foulkes said...

Your socks are amazing! Can't believe they are your first attempt! Loving the colours too.

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