Friday, April 01, 2016

Easter Exchange & latest projects

Every Easter for quite a few years now, Kath and I have had an Easter Exchange.

This is what I received from Kath this year - so very cute!! The bunny is called Tippi Bunny. I just love it, thanks again Kath.

This year I planned to make Kath a Bippity Bunny, the pattern is by Anni Downs from Hatched n Patched. A couple of weeks ago, I met up with my friends Janet and Elsie and we had a day making bunnies. They turned out very cute, but oh my goodness, some of the sewing/stuffing was a bit fiddly and we had lots of laughs over our frustrations. I also made a Bippity bunny for Hannah too.

Usually over a long holiday weekend I like to start a new stitching project so over Easter I made a start on the final kit project from the Shepherds Bush Stitching fold, a sweet little ruler keeper.

I also made a start on a new crochet granny square blanket, this is going to be gifted to a family member expecting a little girl in July.

And just to keep things interesting, I also made a start on a new Blackbird Designs project, Dear Daughter.

I've been wanting to start this for ages and since Hannah's birthday is only a month away now it was time to get it underway.

Looking forward to some quality stitching time this Saturday & catching up with my stitching buddies!


Linda K's Stitching Corner said...

Your Bunnies are so darn cute and so adorable...I dearly love them.

Your Stitching Projects is so the colors.

Your Granny Square Afghan is going to be pretty...I love the colors that you have chosen for your Afghan. I love making Granny Squares myself. Long Time Ago in Woman's Day Magazine - they had every type of Granny Shape that there was that is made out of Granny Squares. They have a Hexagon, Circle, and etc. You name it they had the shape made out of Granny Squares. To this day I still have that magazine. It is a Granny Square Edition of that magazine. Its a really old edition.

I am making a Afghan out of variegated Blues, Yellows, and Whites Yarn. Its all double crochet all the way across. I am almost finished with it. Last night I worked on it for a while.

Happy Stitching
Happy Crocheting
Linda K

Marilyn said...

All of the Bunnies are so cute.
The afghan will be pretty and a great project you picked for Hannah.

Daffycat said...

Bunnies! They are all so cute and their different personalities are just adorable!

Vickie said...

Oh, all those bunnies are precious! Dear Daughter of mine is just perfect, isn't it? Your crochet colors! ♥

Andrea said...

Both sets of bunnies are just the cutest. Very pretty colours you are using for the blanket. Your stitching WIPs are going to look wonderful too.

Kay said...

Thes bunnies are so sweet, it is a lovely tradition to always have an easter swap. x

Anna van Schurman said...

Cute buns! I love what you chose for your daughter. :)

Kiwi Gal said...

Your stitchings are always so beautifully done. I love your blog and everything you stitch. Those bunnies are totally adorable too. x

Maggee said...

What cute little bunnies you made... I can see where it might be fiddly! congrats on persevering! They are adorable! The Tippi bunny is just cute as a button too! My you have quite a few projects going! Look forward to seeing the finishes! Hugs!

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