Tuesday, February 09, 2016

Family Beach Weekend

From where I live to the beach is only about a 35 minute drive and over the long weekend we headed out to Blackhead Beach to stay a few days with my parents and Zoe. We stayed  on Dad's friends' farm which is only a few minutes walk away from the beach.

Hannah got to try out her boogie board, you should have seen her go as she caught a wave or two!

Saturday morning was very overcast and grey but we hit the beach for a two hour walk and explore in the rock pools. Blackhead Beach has a marine reserve so you cannot remove or take any marine life.

Please excuse my ruly hair style, lol

Glenn and Hannah found a swing in a nearby tree, this amused Hannah for ages.

The weather for the rest of our time at the beach was great, enabling the girls to go for a few swims.

Enjoying the sea air was just what we all needed, looking forward to our next stay out there already!


Vickie said...

Oh my. This looks fantastic, as we just got new snow on top of the old!

Maggee said...

Oh my--that looks like such fun! And so beautiful... Thanks for sharing this bright spot with us northerners!! :)

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